LORD, My Soul, My Soul LORD

LORD, my soul, my soul LORD

Longs for the pleasant brook.

Yet, there is great heartache

And pain…

LORD, from where shall my heart come?

Surely all things come from You

And not vain imaginings.

For my heart considers

And my soul tastes of Your wrath.

LORD, for my sins, I have been under

Your rod…

For a short time your wrath has rested upon

Me, and I am greatly thankful.

For the rod discourages great mischief

And it brings one to repentance.


Yet, LORD, Who art Thou?

And who am I?

Do I, I, LORD, do I

Have the keys which open the doors?

Do I have the keys which never can be shut?

Do I! LORD, I have Your authority?

Why then does my heart imagine mischief?

For there, lying on my bed,

I see my heart is exceedingly deceitful

And it is vain.

Why, LORD, why do you leave me to the heart

Which is abominable?

My heart, which if you could

LORD, I would ask that you shave with the sword

And shave from it the evils which your servant knows.

For I lack, LORD, I lack what is right

And good and honorable.

I have backslidden, I have backslidden

And from where does the healing come?

Who, LORD, Who shall heal me?

Shall not You? O LORD of the Sabbath?

Does not Your rod strike me

And Your kindnesses abound?

Does the sword threaten my lands?

Does the great wars spread abroad come here?

LORD, surely you know they do not,

Yet, for Your servant’s sake

He trembles day and night

Knowing great slaughters could come at any moment,

Like a thief in the night.

Therefore, O LORD

Heal my wanderings!

Put my tears into your bottle.

For my tears are continually with You

And my grace abounds.

For in my heart is great abomination;

Why do You leave me to it?

Do You not speak, “I shall heal your backsliding!”

Yes, and You heal me, little by little,

Yet LORD the armies march and wander.

Where is our help?

Our help is in the LORD

Maker of heaven and earth

Who shall raise up seven shepherds

And eight principle men.

Who shall stay off the beast

For Your Servant Israel’s sake.

Have kindnesses and mercy

O LORD of the Sabbath.

Have mercy and kindness

And do not leave Your servants to decay.

In Jesus Name I pray.

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