The Reception of St. Clause

The Reception of St. Clause

Snow fell.
Upon their chariots, came the Trinity.
Hitched was one Cherubim for the Son of Man
One Cherubim for the Daughter of Zion—
She who symbolizes the gift of God,
The promised-land;—
Hitched to the Father were two.
Four faces of the Cherubim
Their luminous eyes.

They approached in silence
Through the courts of St. Peter’s Basilica.
Passed they the eyes of the Papal horns
The bishops and the priests.
‘pon the inner sanctums of Rome they descended
To find guarding the doors of bronze
Robin Hood, Esquire, and Beowulf the Less.
The two looked upon the faces of Elohim
And bowed to allow the LORD
Into the inner sanctum.

The Pope, graspt the Mayan abomination
Cried out, “Oh Mother Earth,
“You return!”
The dust blew, and he was fallen.
The Daughter of Zion’s eyes shewn like a furnace.
The Son drew His sword.

“Open the door!” cried out the faces of Elohim.
The door opened.

Brittos stood nigh the Round Table
A guard in olden leather aegis, whalebone spear and scrimshaw plate.
St. Clause dawned his Winter’s Eve robe.
Next to he was Arthur, golden crowned, with abomination—
Arthur flung to the Faces of Elohim
But was struck far away, into the wilderns like Nebuchadnezzar was many years ago.

Beowulf came with Brittos and fell
Worshiping with faces prostrate
To the Faces of Elohim.
Beowulf with his red robes; the pillars of the earth dawning his back.
Cyrus, the LORD’s anointed set at the Round Table
With purple cloth and the Virgin Stars ‘cross his breast and nape.

A messenger, one of the myriads of the Seraphim
Flew, with his manlike body and six wings
Eyes circumferenced round, all seeing.
The four Cherubim haunched like Gryphins
Setting upon their strong thighs.

“St. Clause Crown New!” cried Michael and Gabriel,
Who in robes, dawned like that of a man
Glowed bright.

The Faces of Elohim shewn at St. Clause
St. Simon of the Orphan,
St. Nicholas.

Michael spoke, the messenger, Chief Messenger.
“Simon,— Zoan, the Sphynx,
“He comes to steal and destroy God’s green earth.
“The message comes to you,
“A Chief of the Nethanim,
“To guard the orphans in their time of distress.”

Simon fell prostrate before Michael,
But the archangel picked up the man.
“Do not worship me,
“Your creator stands nigh.”

Simon looked upon the Faces of Elohim.

“St. Clause, because the birth of the LORD
“Had become a trifle, and the LORD despised the feast…
“They had made it about the traffic of the Kings and Princes of Tyre.
“St. Simon, you must carry this message
“To restore the family, and to make the poor rejoice.
“For men desire the gifts of Saint Clause Crown New
“Yet, the greatest gift is set before you
“The very faces of Elohim.”

Simon wept.

“I give you this charge.
“Krampus, lORD of the elves
“The Nile Dragon
“Sphynx, guardian of the channels of time
“Whom Pharaoh worshiped
“And ruled over during the captivity;
“He, and his elvish sorts
“Come in the raiments of crimson blood.
“They come to deceive the earth
“And fill it with bloodshed.
“Simon, your blue robes testify that all men
“Shall bring gifts to the orphans and the poor.
“St. of the Child
“Let the poor rejoice on this holiday of our Savior’s birth
“And let gifts be distributed liberally.
“Let them open gifts.
“Restore the day of our Savior’s birth with Charity and Feasting
“And let the families of the rich sit with great feasting
“And invite the families of the poor to their banquets
“To fill the mouths of the poor.
“Be a symbol, and restore the spirit of this holiday
“St. Clause. Make the birth of our Savior
“LORD Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
“A day where the poor shall rejoice
“A day when we shall be filled, and our mouths
“Shall eat, and our stomachs rejoice.
“For, St. Clause Crown New
“Let the poor rejoice on this day.
“Lest Krampus come and eat the little children
“Of our good earth.”

St. Clause wept,
“I am unworthy! How can I?”

The Faces of Elohim turned upon him.
“Moses, humble you were…”

St. Clause fell upon his face and wept.
His blue robes lifted, and burned like the blue of hot flames.
He was touched upon the eyes with the coals
of Isaiah
And it was given to him,
“Let the time of Christmas
“Be a spirit of rejoicing.
“Let Christ’s feast be for the poor.
“And let the poor rejoice.
“Let the prophets speak in similitudes;—
“The Word Made Flesh proved Himself
“Three in One.”

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