The Plot of the Entire Bible, From Beginning to End

A plot emerges from its pages.
An epic story, spanning every generation.
Do you wish to know the Bible's story?
I will tell it to you.

Man is created, and man falls.
So, immediately God sets forth a redemption plan.
Through the Woman's Seed, will be an heir
Which crushes the head of the Serpent.

So, God chooses a man from among His people
To give His promise to.
This man is Abraham.
And then Abraham has a Seed Isaac.
And Isaac has a seed Jacob.
And Jacob, all of his sons are promised
To be God's peculiar people.
Jacob's son Joseph then gets sold into slavery by his brothers
And later raises to the status of Satrap in Egypt.
He stays the famine, and all the world is saved.
And his family comes to Egypt.
Four hundred years later, Jacob's family
Are slaves, and the firstborn of Israel are commanded to be
Killed. Yet, from among them, comes Moses,
Who is from the son of Jacob named Levi.
And Moses leads his people out into the desert,
Gives the law and command of ordinances
By which God will judge the Earth,
Which if followed to the letter
Condemns every man, woman and child
And every nation to be destroyed.
For that is God's judgment and Wrath.
Moses dies, and a Warrior named Joshua raises up,
And Joshua leads God's people into Canaan,
After forty years of Israel's wandering
Because of disobedience and worshipping the Golden Calf.
Joshua conquers Canaan, for Canaan was abominable in its sin
And ruled by wickedness.
Then, Israel is established, and the land is ruled
Through God's law alone.
Yet, after several hundred years, 
The peoples cry out for a King to deliver them
And a king is given to them, by the ordinance of Samuel.
Then comes the lordship of the Kings.
First by Benjamin, the smallest tribe,
But Saul, the Benjamite,
Fails and becomes wicked. Then, redemption comes through Judah
And David becomes King,
A man after God's own heart.
And from David, it is promised that his Heir
Will be one who is seated upon the Throne of Israel forever.
David's Son Solomon then establishes the Temple
And his son Rehoboam divides the kingdom
For his cruelty. And Israel fractures into
Two kingdoms, Israel and Judah.
Judah remains faithful, mostly,
But, Israel rebels, and comes under siege
By Assyria, and is taken captive.
However, Judah survives the onslaught,
And is promised that the Messiah would suffer
For the sins of the people,
As it was promised to Abraham when he went to offer Isaac
That God would provide the Lamb for sacrifice,
And Abraham would not have to.
Finally, the King of Judah,
Jehoiakim, is besieged by Babylon,
For Hezekiah, the righteous king,
Sinned by showing Babylonian Kings the riches of Israel.
Babylon besieges Judah,
And the bloodiest siege in history ensues,
Where men eat one another,
And must eat human dung to survive.
The walls are broken,
And Judah goes into captivity.
The Law is broken, and severed,
And cannot be binding any longer.
So, after seventy years, Judah returns
To Israel by Cyrus the Great's decree
And there they rebuild the wall and temple.
And they are told to Eat the Fat and Drink the Sweet.
For they are commanded this, to show that they are awaiting
For a newly prophesied Covenant, rooted in Abraham's seed
Who will bless all nations.
Then, the Maccabees reign for a short while,
But are conquered by Rome.
And while under Roman Captivity
The branches are sheared for the ordinances of the Law had been added to.
Here a little, there a little.
And finally, the Promised Heir comes, the Seed of Abraham, the Seed of Eve
The King Who shall reign forever in David's stead,
And God's people reject Him, and Crucify Him,
And mock Him, and made Him poor and a vagabond.
Thus, God Himself was this man, and when He died
He descended into Hell to become our Burn offering;
The Lamb Whom Abraham was said God would Provide
In stead of Isaac.
Then, this man named Jesus raised from the dead,
Demonstrating His awesome power over death,
And He was God, Who raised, as the Early Creeds go.
And this man ascended in Bodily form to Heaven,
Where He remains to this day, awaiting to judge the living and the dead.
Then, upon His return, Zion shall give birth to the Christ Child,
The promised Heir, and He shall be swiftly carried up into Heaven
And there nurtured, until He returns with the Sons of Israel
Who had never sinned---those like He---
And He slays the hordes at the Battle of Megedo.
And this same man will rule upon the Earth for one thousand years
Giving those of His saints principalities and governorships,
And beautiful wives and children, and vineyards.
And none shall be made afraid, and every man shall eat from his own garden
Undaunted by any sin or malice.
Finally, Satan shall return, after having been imprisoned by God's Angel
And Satan shall gather his forces for the war
Of Gog and Magog. They shall be defeated utterly.
And a new heaven, and a new earth shall descend,
From which those men who have chosen God from the foundation of the world
Shall dwell, in a city more beautiful than any other,
And shall become nations and be pleased by the neverending
Bounty of Jehovah-Provider.

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