The Modern Skeptic

When all philosophy fails

A man brings his cup to his lips.

He despairs Socrates,

Saying all love was for his hips.


He says, “All we know

“Is that beauty catches the eyes,

“Woman’s flesh upon my glans

“Is the only meaning I can find.

“And how I want to live;—

“I don’t care who has to suffer.”

In My Dreams of Forgiveness

In my dreams

I see two very different people.

I see myself.

And I see someone else.


The someone else

Breathes fire and flies

But everyone loves him.

They call him, “Super Boy.”

He makes love with every virgin.

He fights in every battle.

He is a killer—

I’ve seen it.

It is someone else’s life that I see.


Facing up to my past,

Being selfish toward my mother,

Being cruel,

I was not very nice.

Those were my sins, though.

Having to look at all the people I’ve wronged,

All of the animals,

And to see that some of them will never forgive me,

It is a hard feeling.


It is a hard feeling,

But it’s even harder

To see them love

And forgive

The monster but not me.

To call me a “Traitor”

When I saw her unconditionally love that other man.

It’s the quintessential truth of Christianity:

A repentant man is despised


A flagrant man is lauded.


But, those who really matter do

In fact,


The Taboo Topics

Homosexuality is a sin.

Sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Sodomy is a sin.

Sadomasochism is a sin.

All other religions except Christianity, are sins.

Debates are sin.

Strife is sin.

Envy is sin.

The American dream, is idolatry.

Entertainment is idolatry.

Idolatry is sin.

Gambling is sin.

Eating too much is not going to send you to hell… it will make you poor.

Being lazy is not going to send you to hell… it will make you poor.

Drinking alcohol beyond one serving, is a sin.

Bloody Knuckles, is a sin.

Being unkind to homosexuals, is a sin.

Being unkind to Transgenders, is a sin.

Telling someone they might go to hell, is not a sin.

Hating your brother, is a sin.

Back Talking your father, is a sin.

So with anyone who is older than you, back talking is a sin.

Correcting someone when they are putting themselves or others in danger, is not a sin.

Telling someone that their opinion is wrong, is not a sin.

Believing in Fairy Tales, Conspiracy Theories and being radical, is all sin.

Rebelling against your government—even if it’s Hitler’s Germany—is a sin.

Serving in the military, if you killed with the sword, you must die by the sword.

Serving as a County Corrections Officer, if you led into captivity, you must go captive.

Disobeying police, is a sin.

Disrespecting political officials, even ones we don’t like, is a sin.

Being politically active, and trying to persuade your government, is not a sin.

Trying to cause an insurrection, even against Rome, is a sin.

Failing to listen to someone—no matter how wrong—is a sin.

Speaking too much is a sin.

Believing that you have prospered yourself, is a sin. Even worth damnation.

Being cruel to the homeless, or thinking they deserve their lot, is a sin.

Thinking that you eat because you work, is a sin.

Going into debt, is a sin.

School is a sin, unless you have a reason to go that will edify the church.

Sex fantasies are sin.

Swearing is sin.

Pretending to kill someone make believe is a sin.

Making stories or essays to teach morals, is not a sin.

Enjoying things, is not a sin.

Having hobbies are not a sin.

Reading books to edify and get closer to God is not a sin.

But, it is a sin if these things are done for selfish reasons.

Listening to music is not a sin, unless it is being done for selfish reasons.

Being selfish, in any way, is a sin.

Hating, slandering, scoffing or being mean, is a sin.

Preaching to eat is a sin.

Prophesying to eat is a sin.

Manipulating people with religion to get what you want, is a sin.


Any sin you will go to hell for.

This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list.

Just a small taste of what you’ll be judged for.


And we don’t get Jesus just so we can continue in these sins.

At some point, it will all be whittled away,

Little by little, until you have none.

That is what God does in every Christian’s life.

You will not stand seeing it in yourself,

If you’ve had a true conversion.

The most flagrant homosexual,

Will by very hatred of the sin

Stop, even if it means ripping out her eyes.

Only by Christ’s power, through Prayer

Through fasting from each of these little things

Does a heart become untroubled

Does a conscience become unburdened

Does depression, anxiety, and heartache go away.


Do not think I give a sugar coated pill.