The Misfit Finds His Rebel Cause

The misfit finds his rebel cause.

Goes to war, defies all the laws.

How a ripe peach of which to pluck

Is the rebel’s cause loved so much.


I? I sit, also, misfit too

Unabashed from eternal youth.

My creative means dries so much

My country dies, the one I love.


Is the rifle my fated way?

To lose myself in coup d’é tat?

Will it suffice this longing heart?

Will I in glory play my part?


No! I say, in my angry gloom.

My vengeance shall be bloody noon.

I would rather let life depart

From my nostrils than play my part.


I will laugh at the wretched dogs

As my body swings o’er the logs.

I died, your hope for freedom last.

Because you’d not free me, I laughed.

The Only Man; A Meditation on Coleridge’s Poem Where He Meditates on a Cataract

Lay open vestibule of our greatest minds,

Upon the lap of the only man in a quarter century

To open thy door, and see thy cataract.

The strophe and antistrophe

Which haven’t a soul

To espouse Grecian category’s empty words;

No, but to me you mean the top and bottom

Of those flawless chemicals of geometry;

A cataract, just like the Great Falls of Buffalo.

Am I the only man to see it for a quarter century?—

How so austere at first

It dances around my eyes,

The ugly ink and plain words.

Yet, it is perfect in meaning.


How does a man explain poetry

To those who never drink from its mousse?

It merely tells us what rests beyond all artifice

Into the meaning of these things

We might never take a passing glance.

Waterfalls might have a certain chemical,

Something between Geometry and Stars,

But do those chemicals have meaning?

Or, does the meaning create the chemicals?


A man who feels truth is very deceived,

Yet, if one could see the pure feeling of Niagara Falls

That my sinful self could not appreciate…

I will remember the feeling later, at a second glance

In a poem nobody has read for over twenty years.

And that is why I know there is sin.

That is why I know there is such foulness.

I can know the feeling then and now

Both the same, but then I would not chew upon it.

Today, without beholding what my eyes had once seen,

I can see it once again, and in that sight,

Understand what sin truly was.

A lie we tell ourselves to spoil what is good and right before our eyes.

Then, later, one meditates on it from afar,

Without the beauty before flesh’s eyes.

Alexander Hamilton; A Tall Tale

He was a good ol’ boy

Whom a judge bought shoes for

So he could attend his mama’s funeral.


He found himself, later on in life

The chief of merchants at a shipyard station.

He saw a slave branded one day at the yard,

So he set out to hate slavery his whole entire life.

He went to college, like any decent gentleman might,

But soon found himself stirred by the continental army.

Well, Hamilton joined the ranks of Washington

And was made second only to him.

He even killed five Tories in one day

So legend had it.


At the Continental Congress

Hamilton wanted a strong government,

So he used his freedom of speech to unify the country.

He wanted a fair government.

And sure enough, he got one.

He tidied the War Debt,

And set America straight on her path.


Well, on Alexander’s last day of life

He was challenged to a duel.

It was the Vice President himself

Aaron Burr.

Alex, for honor’s sake, shot his bullet straight into the air

For he had honor, and was not a man of show.

Having set his nation’s path to longevity,

Aaron Burr couldn’t care; he, a man of great dishonor,

Shot Alexander in the head,

And after thirty hours, Alexander Hamilton was dead.


10 Questions Atheists Cannot Answer Satisfactorily

  1. How did nothing create something?
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. Why love unconditionally?
  4. Why do you suppose morals are a matter of belief, and not knowledge?
  5. Why is there no God when we clearly observe there is moral objectivity?
  6. If you disagree with there being moral objectivity, how can there be morality if morals are a matter of opinion?
  7. If morals are a matter of opinion, what makes one set of morals better than another?
  8. What stops someone who has no hope of a better future from being the worst person imaginable, just to make it in this world?
  9. Why risk your life for someone else, when all there is, is death?
  10. Why aren’t morals objective?

Character is More Important than Reason

Character is more important than reason.

You can be smart, but cruel.

You can be stupid, but kind.


Religion helps keep the world kind.

So be it if it keeps us a little stupid.

There are plenty of things which we ought not to know.


So there’s no question,

I am unequivocally a Christian.

I’ve found the easiest things to believe are often false.

While the more nuanced a thing,

The more it turns out to be true.

Atheism is too easy to believe

Because it’s built on simple premises.

Christianity, on the other hand,

Is too nuanced to set aside and reject.


What an Atheist believes with his reason

He is often made presumptuous and a complete jackass.

What a Christian believes by faith,

Often works in practice, and I can have no doubt

That something imaginary cannot be the foundation

Of human cooperation.

There must be a God, because belief in Him is beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend.

Yet, on the outer precipice of Genius,

It can only be so that He exists;

While the inner thoughts of man seem to reject what they cannot understand,

I embrace it because nothing that is true

Is ever so simple as a pithy statement.

To Try and Fail

I try everything, but fail.

In my dreams, the one I desire,

Her large family belongs to another man.


Everything is broken in life.

Everything is destroyed.

I see the enemy closing in around me

On every turn.


None take me seriously;

My words are chaff.

My life is spent in vanity here on the earth.

Am I truly edifying?

Am I truly bringing Christ to the masses?

Or, am I just a laughingstock?


It’s like my precious words are chaff.

It’s like my life was built on shifting sand.

I give, I give everything

But now there is nothing left to give.

There isn’t even the hope of love

Nor the hope of family.

Just the desperate hope of living until I’m old

Living, without family, without lover,

Without my goals accomplished.

All look and say, “Where is God?

“Look, this is a Christian.”


Slowly, my religion dies

Despite my protests for it not to.

I don’t want the world where my religion fades

As there would be no love.

Only oxytocin.

There would be no joy.

Only dopamine.

There would be no peace.

Only a chemical reaction obfuscated with love.


Men would use one another for their lusts…

Their appetite.

Would men murder? Maybe.

Maybe they wouldn’t.

Maybe it would just be a violent hedonism

Where relationships are cheap rags

That get used to wipe the spritz

From your privates

After touching another’s flesh.


I would lay on my couch,

Because none would want to read what I’ve written;

Silently, I would pine away,

My life’s work forgotten.

My name forgotten.

And never having seen joy on the earth

I would die.

Would the world turn black at my death?

I don’t know if I can retain the faith for that long.


So, I ask God to not leave me to this fate.

For, I am faltering.

Not in faith. I will always believe He exists.

Just in my walk with Him.

With no pleasure, with constant suffering,

I would not see the things that I treasure.

And I might lose Him from my life.

I would believe in Him until the day I die.

But, who knows if I would pine away

And pine away on the hallucinogenic porn.

Would I trade my heritage for this?


I would probably live until 108

And die, never having loved a woman

Never having married,

Never having a woman in my bed,

Never raising a child,

Never doing anything…

Not because I had done anything wrong.

Just because the world had said, “No,”

To all the things that would make me truly happy.

It wanted me to find my own happiness…

I had found it. It was the happiness of God.

But, that wasn’t what it wanted for me.

It wanted me degenerate all my life.


Understand, everything I want

Is taken from me.

Because of a world that said it wasn’t good enough.

For me, it would have been.

But, when I get to heaven,

I will say to God, “You created a good world.

“But men spoiled it. Yes. It wasn’t you Who made me suffer.

“It was them. And, suffering always was them.

“To suffer was their joy.”

Dirty Secrets Antifa Won’t Like

Everything popularly held to be true

Is a lie.


Are the Founding Fathers Christian?


Except three, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine.


Was Hitler an Atheist?


You don’t believe white men become God

By being a Christian.


Is Atheism responsible for just about every catastrophe in the last hundred years?


Surprisingly, also WWI, which was a War fought because the time period lacked values.


Is racism institutionalized in the United States?


It’s the welfare programs that keep people trapped in a cycle of poverty.


Is religion the sum force of evil in the world?


In fact, it’s done comparatively little damage

When compared to State Sanctioned atheism.


Was the United States supposed to be a Christian nation?

Yes and no.

There were laws saying both were true,

Which until about the 1960’s it became unequivocally no;

That was also the time we began to experience social decline.


That’s the secret history of the world

Which ten years of devoted study has unearthed,

And which radical leftist groups don’t want you to know…

Because they’ll find alternative facts which have no basis in reality.

How I Know It’s All a Lie

According to the internet,

This quote is misattributed

To Gandhi:


“At first they ignore you,

Then they laugh at you,

Then they fight you,

Then you win.”


Does anyone not see history being changed before our very eyes?

The quote was not misattributed.

Rather, evil people want to missattribute our values

And change them to suit their own wants.

I Don’t Hate Gay People

Some might find that my opinion toward Gays is strong.

It is because I care about them.

Having experimented myself at a young age,

I realize it is just giving up.

Forming relationships with people of the opposite gender is hard.

We’re like apples and oranges, we men and women.

Despite social justice warriors wanting to say we’re the same.


I don’t believe people are born gay.

I believe people cannot find satisfying relationships

With others of the opposite gender,

So therefore, go to the easiest source for sex.

It is a lot easier to have sex with someone who is the same as you.

It is easier, and not just easier,

It is a less scarce resource.

But, there is an inherent knowledge it is wrong.

Somewhere in my conscience,

I had known it was wrong.

And, I was correct.

The revelation that the world’s problem

Is the acceptance of Homosexuality,

Which is less of a state of our being,

Than it is a resource more commonly available.


I wish people would stop lying to themselves.

It is against our wants, and wishes.

It is, in effect, giving up on love

And it is selfish.