My Revolution

My revolution is with words.

To hold the people we elect accountable.

If a gun is fired in my name,

I spit on you.


We need a revolution with words.

We need to wage it with our words

With our bombs and ammunition.

Not with insults, nor petty name calling.

Just with cold hard reason.

It works.

It can take the most hardened idiot

And make them a little wiser.

And an idiot made wiser is one less idiot.


I’m a believer in Green Day’s revolution,

Waged with words, not bombs or Gloria.

If I wanted anything, it would be this:

For the country to stop fighting among itself

And to realize that there are shady things happening underneath the surface.


I, like Warner Brothers,

Give your revolution in words, not bombs.

Because if we patriots are censored,

Then men die, and line up in piles high.


Literature is a purge of our aggression,

And a cry for peace.

No war was ever started by a fact.

Rather, it was the forbidding of hearing that fact,

And covering it up so the populations could laud it as heroic,

That is how every war was started.