Let All the Magic Flow/ Into a Little Crazy Book I Know

Let all the magic flow

Into a little crazy book I know.

Let my mind’s greatest fears

Relieve our listeners and reader’s leers.


Oh, how crazy is the thought

Of a magic witch hunt in the spot

Where my ears had seen

Such delusional nonsense to preen.


Oh, make it so, that this little delusional book I know

Takes up all the magic in the land.

Let my books be fair and grand

To help our peoples of the land.

Let them see and read and fuss

And be thrilled by my stories’ rust.


Oh, please absolve me from the sin

Of looking at those pages grim.

Send all the magic into that book

Of fairies, orcs and goblin spooks.


I say, it is all a lie

Simple fairy tales are meant to scry

Into our hopes, our dreams our failings.

They are not meant to cause our railings.

Forget me not! Read my tales

As words that help heal our fails.


Let all the magic flow into there

A little book, a little tear

A little wrinkle of failing ail.

For a desperate monster is this

Book of lies and lustful tricks.


Stay away, let the magic stay…

Please, let my tales be light and gay.

Not to be believed, but rather a farce

To help the subconscious defecate

Its deepest fears in the dark.


For magic is delusional thoughts

Magical thinkings make the brain rot.

Let my books be nice and hearty

Not a magical word spoken tardy.

Let my words be simple tales

Which help my readers feel, so frail

That our sins need washed and bleached

Let the magic go into another book

Not mine, which are so meek.

What Hurts the Most is Seeing the Thing You Want

What hurts the most is seeing the thing you want

And not feeling like the moment to grab it is at hand.

Some strange distance is between us…

The girl at the ____________ register


Sure, I can talk to her about Yawning.

I can tell her about my theories on time.

What becomes difficult, however,

Is working up the nerve to flirt.

I don’t want to

Because the situation is wildly inappropriate.

I don’t like flirting.

I want a steady conversation.


As a youth, there were those I played with

And it just clicked.

Rare were those encounters,

Where I just clicked with someone else.

The play was fun…

They got me, I got them.

There was an ease of knowing them

Like I had known them my entire life.

All sincerely cliche lines,

But we still all know the feeling.

Precious it is, it’s how I met all of my best friends.


Why one of them wasn’t a woman;

There’s always been a strange fear of them for me.

A fear of obtaining them;—

I have that fear of getting to close to them

On the chance that they would find out what I was really like

And walk away.


But on rare moments, I could be just myself

And similarly find myself at ease with them.

I suppose I want conversation more than anything.

I want agreement, even if I’m dead wrong.

I want resistance on moral truths;—

Not intellectual ones.

I feel there is a strange chasm between me and the woman at the ____________.

Perhaps if we met at the book store.

Perhaps if we met anywhere but there.

But then again, I am quite unimpressive.


A woman wrote a poem about Echo and Narcissus.

I felt like Narcissus.

Perhaps I am becoming him…

However, I don’t like peering into the mirror

To look at myself. I am hideous.

Rather, I have been taught to love myself by therapy…

I would like the _____________ employee to unlearn me

Of all those tricks.


Therapy seems to colden and deaden you to the harsh realities of life.

It seems to put up walls,

It says, “Don’t trust anyone.”

And soon enough, you live, can wipe your own ass,

Can eat and live off of work.

Just, something is missing in life,

The more important part.

But I have the pressure of family

Telling me all life is about wiping myself.

Wiping my mouth, my butt, putting soap on my hands

And cleaning out the nether regions.

As if that is the only joy of life.

That, and doing labor I am not willing to do

To serve a purposed end of what exactly?

Did I forfeit my happy life from two crimes in youth?

If so, maybe I don’t want to take care of myself

If this writing cannot earn me enough to win bread.


So… I twirl about two desires

Being an author and being in love.

I want to be an author for the purpose of wiping myself.

I want to be in love for the purpose of having something beside

Hygiene to live for.

If you could understand my families indoctrination,

Life is all about cologne, toilet paper,

And eating. Pleasures to be derived

From the excess of bodily functions and their expressions.

Of course, I became angry at one of them in particular

When they said, “Let the TV raise your kids.”

It had never been their philosophy of life…

One of the things I appreciated most was how they nurtured me

And cared about me when nobody else seemed to.

But, life is all about liquids.

It’s all about dopamine.

Meanwhile I stand quite helpless

Not wanting my life to resemble it.

The girl behind the ____________ counter could have fixed it…

But, truthfully, was there a chance at bonding?

None whatsoever.

She had a job to do.

I had a job to do.

Anything extraneous beyond that

Would get her in trouble.

As, that exact life is what I despise.

We could have been soul mates

And the de facto laws of business

Kept us apart.

Somewhere, I’m looking for a life

Where you just meet the girl in your tribe

And fall in love with her because you don’t know any better,

Marry her, and then grow up and have children.

You’re never taught to covet beauty,

So even when someone more beautiful arrives

It’s not this immediate lust and gravitation.

You simply don’t know any better because there is no sexual desire

Except for the one person you found it with…

That woman you met in your village.

Yet, there were old maids then, too.

So, I have no surmise,

Except to say that I didn’t want to flirt

Because I felt a boundary.

When I find the right woman

I want there to be no boundaries.

Rather, if she shows up at two AM,

Or I do, we’ll be none the callous for sleep.


In laymen’s terms

I want a friend I can have sex with.

I think that’s what everyone desires in a mate

As there is nothing else in this life worth obtaining.

Success, glory, honor,—

It seems too much like wiping myself.

Rather, when I’m old,

Maybe my desire is for there to still be someone left to wipe me.

The Intelligent Learn How to be Stupid

The intelligent learn how to be stupid.

I used to pretend to be stupid,

In order to fit in, in order to survive.

Sentences with clear meaning

Fall over the heads of readers and listeners,

So, instead of using reason,

Just say, “That stupid because science.”

No matter how much logic or facts are packed into a sentence,

No matter how much research,

No matter how much evidence for the things unseen,

Or the substance of things hoped for,

Men lie, men steal, men learn the art of dumbing down

Their arguments to mere Rhetoric and Sophistry,

Getting it confused with logic.


How frustrating it is,

To listen to people go on and about

All the different myriads of stuff.

If presented with a cogent argument

They deny, deny, deny.

They even use tactics to win an argument.

Imagine if courts were all about winning,

Not proving innocence or guilt.

But, since egos are on the line,

People’s records of “Being tough on crime,”

Innocent people go to jail.

Precisely because of this bias and fundamental flaw

In the way we engage in communication.

It’s not to draw from men their wisdom

But to convince men that we are right.


How do you convince people of God’s existence today?

By simply presenting them with the case.

But, they would rather believe in no God,

Because it’s easier.

Deluded, but easier.

They call me a “Flat Earther,”

When I am nothing of the sort.

I say, rightly, we ought to believe in Evolution

And Earth as a Sphere.

The fact remains that I have never seen whether either existed.

I have faith that scientists are not lying to me.

Now you must have faith that I am not lying to you.

There is a God, and the reason why is because there is right and wrong.

There is communication.

There is truth.

There is good.

There is evil.

There is love, joy and peace.

Some might say, “How does that prove that God exists?”

How does Pi get calculated?

I would ask that to anyone who has never done it before.

Simply put, you just measure a circle’s circumference.

These things I present are the measurements used for God.

That there is righteousness and goodness.

You might say, “Well, didn’t God permit crimes?”

I would simply say, “Against nations filled with murderers,

“Pedophiles and cannibals.”

Given into that context, you’d have to be crazy

Not to see why they were destroyed.


Thus, when we refine an argument to its most crystal points

It’s most refined kernel,

All of the nuance of truth disappears.

When it disappears,

Men rely on the most primitive facts to discover moral judgment.

Rightly, the Cross is a rock of offense because the LORD had commanded

Wars, yet what do those critics do?

They simplify all arguments to a Sophistic draught

Of nothing, so that there cannot be justice.

And justice is formed by the comprehension of words and their intentions.

Thus, if one were to ask,

“Why ought not the intelligent learn how to communicate with the stupid?”

The reason why is that justice and mercy are at stake.

Should I say it to my friend,

Whom I argued with last night,

I would say this,


“Friend, there is a whole body of knowledge you’ve never seen.

“There is much you do not even know.

“I know, quite well, what you mean by “science”.

“But, do you know what I mean about justice?

“Science, unhinged from Word,

“Would become so disgusting and terrible for men and mankind,

“That without Word or its comprehension,

“There’d be no justice.

“Justice is found in the Word,

“The ability to judge the complexities of thought and motivations.

“Without that, I’m afraid science would be more like a prison

“And less like a wing.”


I doubt he would understand it.

As, why would he?

He is stubborn,

That simply in the word’s meanings

That is how you know it is truth.

What do you do with deaf ears?

Can you teach them to hear?

As meaning is integral,

And is the sole truth I am teaching.

Not facts, not actualities.

Simply that it can be understood

With the proper amount of time and effort.

And with that, it proves a whole world

Inaccessible to most of our modern men.

For intelligence, when it stoops to the lowest depths

In order to catch the ear with a rhetorical persuasion,

Is the most foul use for it.

Bring the low high,

Do not let the high be humiliated.


My Revolution

My revolution is with words.

To hold the people we elect accountable.

If a gun is fired in my name,

I spit on you.


We need a revolution with words.

We need to wage it with our words

With our bombs and ammunition.

Not with insults, nor petty name calling.

Just with cold hard reason.

It works.

It can take the most hardened idiot

And make them a little wiser.

And an idiot made wiser is one less idiot.


I’m a believer in Green Day’s revolution,

Waged with words, not bombs or Gloria.

If I wanted anything, it would be this:

For the country to stop fighting among itself

And to realize that there are shady things happening underneath the surface.


I, like Warner Brothers,

Give your revolution in words, not bombs.

Because if we patriots are censored,

Then men die, and line up in piles high.


Literature is a purge of our aggression,

And a cry for peace.

No war was ever started by a fact.

Rather, it was the forbidding of hearing that fact,

And covering it up so the populations could laud it as heroic,

That is how every war was started.

In My Dreams of Forgiveness

In my dreams

I see two very different people.

I see myself.

And I see someone else.


The someone else

Breathes fire and flies

But everyone loves him.

They call him, “Super Boy.”

He makes love with every virgin.

He fights in every battle.

He is a killer—

I’ve seen it.

It is someone else’s life that I see.


Facing up to my past,

Being selfish toward my mother,

Being cruel,

I was not very nice.

Those were my sins, though.

Having to look at all the people I’ve wronged,

All of the animals,

And to see that some of them will never forgive me,

It is a hard feeling.


It is a hard feeling,

But it’s even harder

To see them love

And forgive

The monster but not me.

To call me a “Traitor”

When I saw her unconditionally love that other man.

It’s the quintessential truth of Christianity:

A repentant man is despised


A flagrant man is lauded.


But, those who really matter do

In fact,


Alternative Facts

I came across the most splendid metaphor

About alternative facts.


Through history, there comes a way for men

By their various moral presumptions

To assume a new, alternative fact.

Looking through the internet

I saw one call Sam from the Lord of the Rings

The true hero of the story.


A clever thought crossed through my mind.

What if the Hobbits and Middle Earth

After several decades of striving

Decided that their culture wasn’t right

And decided to now make Samwise

The lauded hero of the War of the Rings.

We are kin to do it, are we not?

It makes sense.


Sam was not crazy.

Sam technically carried the burden to the point

Where it was destroyed.

Gollum technically destroyed the ring

In his lust for it,

By biting off Frodo’s fingers.

But, Sam, also, nurtured Frodo

Through various battlegrounds

Where the Shell Shock

And the corrupting influence of the Ring of Power

Tore Frodo’s mind to shreds.


Sam now is lauded the Hero

For Frodo’s disturbed mental state.

And nasty and vicious rumors appear

About how Frodo beat Sam

On the flight of stairs of Cirith Ungol

Leading to the realm of Mordor,

Accused Sam of stealing the ring,

And with all intents and purposes

Desired the ring’s power.

Of course, it would be tempting for future

Human civilizations to laud Sam instead of Frodo.


However, Frodo carried the worst burden.

A metaphor for Tolkien’s own battles with PTSD.

After serving in World War I,

Tolkien had to carry the moral burden

Of communicating the evil of what he saw

And the meaning of the War of the Ring.

WWI was the War of the Ring.

And Frodo carried the burden of its meaning.

This is why Sam is not the true hero.

The Taboo Topics

Homosexuality is a sin.

Sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Sodomy is a sin.

Sadomasochism is a sin.

All other religions except Christianity, are sins.

Debates are sin.

Strife is sin.

Envy is sin.

The American dream, is idolatry.

Entertainment is idolatry.

Idolatry is sin.

Gambling is sin.

Eating too much is not going to send you to hell… it will make you poor.

Being lazy is not going to send you to hell… it will make you poor.

Drinking alcohol beyond one serving, is a sin.

Bloody Knuckles, is a sin.

Being unkind to homosexuals, is a sin.

Being unkind to Transgenders, is a sin.

Telling someone they might go to hell, is not a sin.

Hating your brother, is a sin.

Back Talking your father, is a sin.

So with anyone who is older than you, back talking is a sin.

Correcting someone when they are putting themselves or others in danger, is not a sin.

Telling someone that their opinion is wrong, is not a sin.

Believing in Fairy Tales, Conspiracy Theories and being radical, is all sin.

Rebelling against your government—even if it’s Hitler’s Germany—is a sin.

Serving in the military, if you killed with the sword, you must die by the sword.

Serving as a County Corrections Officer, if you led into captivity, you must go captive.

Disobeying police, is a sin.

Disrespecting political officials, even ones we don’t like, is a sin.

Being politically active, and trying to persuade your government, is not a sin.

Trying to cause an insurrection, even against Rome, is a sin.

Failing to listen to someone—no matter how wrong—is a sin.

Speaking too much is a sin.

Believing that you have prospered yourself, is a sin. Even worth damnation.

Being cruel to the homeless, or thinking they deserve their lot, is a sin.

Thinking that you eat because you work, is a sin.

Going into debt, is a sin.

School is a sin, unless you have a reason to go that will edify the church.

Sex fantasies are sin.

Swearing is sin.

Pretending to kill someone make believe is a sin.

Making stories or essays to teach morals, is not a sin.

Enjoying things, is not a sin.

Having hobbies are not a sin.

Reading books to edify and get closer to God is not a sin.

But, it is a sin if these things are done for selfish reasons.

Listening to music is not a sin, unless it is being done for selfish reasons.

Being selfish, in any way, is a sin.

Hating, slandering, scoffing or being mean, is a sin.

Preaching to eat is a sin.

Prophesying to eat is a sin.

Manipulating people with religion to get what you want, is a sin.


Any sin you will go to hell for.

This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list.

Just a small taste of what you’ll be judged for.


And we don’t get Jesus just so we can continue in these sins.

At some point, it will all be whittled away,

Little by little, until you have none.

That is what God does in every Christian’s life.

You will not stand seeing it in yourself,

If you’ve had a true conversion.

The most flagrant homosexual,

Will by very hatred of the sin

Stop, even if it means ripping out her eyes.

Only by Christ’s power, through Prayer

Through fasting from each of these little things

Does a heart become untroubled

Does a conscience become unburdened

Does depression, anxiety, and heartache go away.


Do not think I give a sugar coated pill.