The Modern Skeptic

When all philosophy fails

A man brings his cup to his lips.

He despairs Socrates,

Saying all love was for his hips.


He says, “All we know

“Is that beauty catches the eyes,

“Woman’s flesh upon my glans

“Is the only meaning I can find.

“And how I want to live;—

“I don’t care who has to suffer.”

The Intelligent Learn How to be Stupid

The intelligent learn how to be stupid.

I used to pretend to be stupid,

In order to fit in, in order to survive.

Sentences with clear meaning

Fall over the heads of readers and listeners,

So, instead of using reason,

Just say, “That stupid because science.”

No matter how much logic or facts are packed into a sentence,

No matter how much research,

No matter how much evidence for the things unseen,

Or the substance of things hoped for,

Men lie, men steal, men learn the art of dumbing down

Their arguments to mere Rhetoric and Sophistry,

Getting it confused with logic.


How frustrating it is,

To listen to people go on and about

All the different myriads of stuff.

If presented with a cogent argument

They deny, deny, deny.

They even use tactics to win an argument.

Imagine if courts were all about winning,

Not proving innocence or guilt.

But, since egos are on the line,

People’s records of “Being tough on crime,”

Innocent people go to jail.

Precisely because of this bias and fundamental flaw

In the way we engage in communication.

It’s not to draw from men their wisdom

But to convince men that we are right.


How do you convince people of God’s existence today?

By simply presenting them with the case.

But, they would rather believe in no God,

Because it’s easier.

Deluded, but easier.

They call me a “Flat Earther,”

When I am nothing of the sort.

I say, rightly, we ought to believe in Evolution

And Earth as a Sphere.

The fact remains that I have never seen whether either existed.

I have faith that scientists are not lying to me.

Now you must have faith that I am not lying to you.

There is a God, and the reason why is because there is right and wrong.

There is communication.

There is truth.

There is good.

There is evil.

There is love, joy and peace.

Some might say, “How does that prove that God exists?”

How does Pi get calculated?

I would ask that to anyone who has never done it before.

Simply put, you just measure a circle’s circumference.

These things I present are the measurements used for God.

That there is righteousness and goodness.

You might say, “Well, didn’t God permit crimes?”

I would simply say, “Against nations filled with murderers,

“Pedophiles and cannibals.”

Given into that context, you’d have to be crazy

Not to see why they were destroyed.


Thus, when we refine an argument to its most crystal points

It’s most refined kernel,

All of the nuance of truth disappears.

When it disappears,

Men rely on the most primitive facts to discover moral judgment.

Rightly, the Cross is a rock of offense because the LORD had commanded

Wars, yet what do those critics do?

They simplify all arguments to a Sophistic draught

Of nothing, so that there cannot be justice.

And justice is formed by the comprehension of words and their intentions.

Thus, if one were to ask,

“Why ought not the intelligent learn how to communicate with the stupid?”

The reason why is that justice and mercy are at stake.

Should I say it to my friend,

Whom I argued with last night,

I would say this,


“Friend, there is a whole body of knowledge you’ve never seen.

“There is much you do not even know.

“I know, quite well, what you mean by “science”.

“But, do you know what I mean about justice?

“Science, unhinged from Word,

“Would become so disgusting and terrible for men and mankind,

“That without Word or its comprehension,

“There’d be no justice.

“Justice is found in the Word,

“The ability to judge the complexities of thought and motivations.

“Without that, I’m afraid science would be more like a prison

“And less like a wing.”


I doubt he would understand it.

As, why would he?

He is stubborn,

That simply in the word’s meanings

That is how you know it is truth.

What do you do with deaf ears?

Can you teach them to hear?

As meaning is integral,

And is the sole truth I am teaching.

Not facts, not actualities.

Simply that it can be understood

With the proper amount of time and effort.

And with that, it proves a whole world

Inaccessible to most of our modern men.

For intelligence, when it stoops to the lowest depths

In order to catch the ear with a rhetorical persuasion,

Is the most foul use for it.

Bring the low high,

Do not let the high be humiliated.