Idea Theft: It’s Called Art

A thought crossed my mind today about Plagiarism.

Suppose a Russian author stole my best book.

Then, he gave it to Reddit.Com to eviscerate.

Then the trolls eviscerated it,

Making it incomprehensibly different

To my masterwork.

Would he have really stolen my idea

If it’s totally different?

Sure, there might be zombies

Underground tunnels and people living inside of Subway stations

But, truthfully, nothing is the same.

Is it truly plagiarism

Or is it high art?


Michelangelo sculpted sculptures

Of the Greek molds and casts

Making reproductions at first

Which were in similitude with their

Original art.

With a novel, you cannot do this.

Rather, elements or ideas get borrowed from one author

To another, and then get shared

Passing down ideas from one person to the next.

It’s a lot like sculpting.

Yet, I have a hunch someone scalped my one manuscript

And wrote a few famous novels.

I’ve looked at them,

Seeing them all over the place.

They are not my stories.

Just some of my ideas

Which I ought not own.

Surely, I write myths about Robin Hood

And Beowulf, stories which are shared.

I write stories about Iranian myths

I’ve never seen my words in print.

It’s always someone else’s story

Which borrowed my ideas

To make theirs.

How they get it?

Who knows… but it’s not my story.


Where we confront problems

Is when I cannot publish my story

Because of them.

When I cannot have my words in print

And be read, because they plagiarized me.

All I care about are my words,

And my stories.

I copy Robin Hood and Medea

I copy some elements of Vampires and Werewolfs.

And I make my own stories with them.

It’s called High Art…


My story is not in Russia,

It is not in their Subway Stations,

It has really nothing to do with a famous author

I was enlightened to today.

My story is not in a Maze,

My story is not about men shrinking

To have lots of money…

Though each of these

Have borrowed something of mine…

Should it be copyrighted?

Maybe they came about independently

Because maybe archetypes exist.

Maybe notions produce art.

Or, maybe someone copied my manuscripts

And went to

And changed them.

Regardless, it’s not my story.

I’m flattered someone would make their own

So long as it’s not Capitol City

Or my Freelander Civilization;

So long as the themes are not American

And the love story is about Marc and Erin.


Surely, I don’t care about a wood carved bear

Because my story has nothing to do with a maze,

Though it is a metaphor about hell.

I did think about shrinking men who wanted to enrich themselves

With shrinking, namely, that’s why they have Galaxy Rings

In Fairyland.

But, it’s not my story.


Stories need shared,

And that’s why I love Japan

With tons of Gundam Animes

All by different producers.

Just, the guy who made Gundams should make some money

On it too. That’s all I’m saying;

People ought to read a work if it’s quality.


But, they don’t. And a Copyright system

Isn’t going to fix that.

Really, human corruption has been around for a long time

And intellectual property is airy.

An invention of a log splitter,

If the man who was the genius behind it

Didn’t get paid,

But some other thief did

I call that corruption.

If both men got paid,

But one made a Ford

And the other a Chevy,

And the other a Honda

And the other a KIA

I call that capitalism.

So long as men can eat from their labors

Which they do under the sun.


Just don’t steal my Ethos

And we’ll be fine.

Don’t steal my Pathos

And we’ll be fine.

Don’t steal my Logos

And we’ll be fine.

Let Kairos be damned

It’s Because of him

I’m poor.

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