On Meter

There is Trochee

Stressed and unstressed.


There is Spondee

Two stresses.


There is Iamb.

Unstressed stressed.


There is Pyrrhic

Unstressed Unstressed.


There is Anapest

Unstressed Unstressed Stressed.


There is Dactyle

Stressed Unstressed Unstressed.


There is primary stress.

There is secondary stress.

There is unstressed.


It is possible to get more creative with literature

By looking into the primary

And secondary stresses.

More interesting meters.

More ways of looking at it.


Why does cruel power

Hold back my meal?

When I know all of this…

It seems like all are being withheld their labors now.


The Battle of Waterloo

Poet Laureate, you had written well

Of Waterloo and its wicked swell

Of thirty thousand men fell dead.

Of old women, whom tyrants stole their bread.


For what aim was it that the bodies piled high?

Did they really, or is it just poetic lie?

Regardless, at Borodino they stood fifteen foot tall

The gore of a multitude torn asunder by cannon balls.


For Napoleon’s ambition, and worldly gain

Men swept through Europe, Russia and African plains;—

Men were killed, women raped, children dashed

Against the rocks. Their feverish souls were mashed.


Great men who start a war

For the sake of glory always fall short.

For, at the end of the days

Even Antichrist with all of his fame


Will do what every great man had done.

He will aim two ways his gun

And fight in two directions

Get lost in Russia, like he’d never learned the lesson.


For great men will do what has always been done.

They will begin with a powerful firing of the gun.

Then, they in small numbers will pile men high

Gross bodies of women, children and cries


Will be heard among the most savage of men

That they wish the battles would come to an end.

Bloody reigns of a man of this world

With no Christian patience, do make the guns hurl.


Do know this is the last sort of defense.

That Antichrist will have won the Earth

But lost to our Hope in Heavenly glens.

For he will have expended all terrible force


To subdue this great plain,

Our fallible earth.

And when he has done, and lost so many of our foes

The LORD and His angels will kill him in the mightiest flow.


St. Lebbaeus

A great quarrel arose among the Peasants:

Was the man truly a prophet?

Did he write divine writ?

Did he counsel kings?


The man, at his lattice, said,

“Fellow countrymen,

“An opinion can be prophetic

“A hope for better days divine writ

“And an act of desperation a counsel to kings.

“Did I write holy scripture?

“No… so please do not place my words with the prophets.”


The war stricken land mourned under the battle scarred

And disease laden sloughs, where thousands of men fell

In gunfire and steel. The peasants, having been uplifted by his words

Though they did not all come true

Said, “But, you had known what was to come.”

The man said, in a simple explanation…

“I had read my Bible.

“And I would advise you to read yours.

“Any man has the ability to interpret it

“But my words are chaff.

“If they brought you hope,

“Then like many other writers let them bring hope.

“But, if they brought you to worship a man as false as me

“Then throw it away from yourselves like a bloody cloth.

“I had written what politics I felt best.”


The peasants thought for a second,

Knowing now that he was not a prophet.

But, they realized he had wisdom.

So, they did not throw the books from them

But read them soberly.


One of the reasons the enemy is so cruel

Is that he knows when men are wicked

God will send plagues for their evening gruel.

Thus, he further disheartens mankind

When men lose faith and trust in the lies

They have no rhyme or reason to know what has been done.

This plague we are suffering is from God the Father, Spirit and Son.


Thus, the enemy will use it to bray

And to say, “There is no God, for why would He send a plague?”

They, in eternal hatred and strife

Will say, “We had done everything we could to hide

“You during this wicked outbreak.”

However, there is a God, this proves it is so.

For men are being wicked, and God has here shown

That men were falling away from the faith.

My children, do not be, I say do not be afraid.


So when Antichrist is in power for aught

He will take advantage of every plague when God’s wroth.


In the scripture,

It says “The Law Converts the Heart.”

Abstract theories of the universe cannot sway

A man to believe in Christ.

If the stem of a banana is a cola tap.

We cannot be Dr. Pangloss.

Because I believe wholly that the Law of God is

The measure by which we preach.


“Have you stolen?”


“Have you blasphemed?”


“Do you know that every blasphemy leaves a permanent stain?”


At this my face flushed red.

“Have you ever looked at a woman with lust?”


“Your friend says you’re lying.”

I blush even more.

“Have you called your brother a fool?”

Many times.

“That is the same as murder to God.”

“Have you ever told a lie about someone?”


“Whose work do you rely on to get into heaven.”

My own.

“Well, that is breaking the Sabbath. That carries a death sentence.”

“Have you ever wanted something that someone else owned?”


“Have you ever made an idol?”

“No, I never did that.”

“So, you never put your popularity above a relationship with a friend?”

Well, yes.

“What do you think caused you to do that?”


“Have you ever been ashamed of Jesus in public?”


“So, you could walk up to anyone on this boardwalk, and talk about Jesus?”


“Why not him?”

Okay, no.

“Wouldn’t you call that Idolatry?”

“Have you ever worshiped another God?”

No, never. I always believed in Jesus.

“So, you never sinned?”

Well, I sinned.

“Then when you were sinning, were you putting Jesus above everything else?”


“Then, you have worshiped other gods.”

“Have you ever dishonored your father or mother.”


“Have you ever done something directly to disobey them?”


“Then you have dishonored your father and mother.”



“Then you have just admitted to breaking every one of God’s commandments.”


“What are you going to do to be saved?”

Can’t God forgive me?

“He can, if you put Jesus on as a parachute, as Ray Comfort says,

“Or as Jeremiah says, you don’t carry the burden of your sin on your shoulder

“During the Sabbath.

“Because it is a weight too burdensome for a man to carry,

“And we need Jesus to carry our sins for us, not us.”


“Because it makes you a better person when you’re forgiven

“Than when you are trying to pay back what is owed.

“When you’re forgiven, you do things out of the kindness of your heart.

“When you have to do good as a matter of paying back debt

“You are always doing what is good because you feel that it is your debt

“And you are not doing it from a desire to be good.

“You are being good to save yourself,

“And you are not being good because it is good.”


Well, I believe in evolution, so it disproves the Bible.

“Does evolution disprove the Bible?”

Yes, it’s impossible for the Bible to be true.

“Cannot you believe in evolution and the Bible, too?”


“Is the world flat?”


“How do you know this.”

Because of science.

“Yet, have you ever been to the moon to prove the earth is a sphere?”


“So, how do you know that the Earth is actually a sphere.”

I don’t know.

“You’ve heard from people who’ve witnessed it first hand, haven’t you?”


“Well, what about the billions more people who’ve witnessed God’s power, or at the very least have witnessed evil?”

I guess, but what does that have to do with anything?

“Well, if more people have witnessed good, and more people have witnessed evil, than have witnessed that the earth is round, why wouldn’t you believe them?”

I don’t know.

“Because it’s silly to believe that the Earth is flat. We’ve been to space to prove that the Earth is round. And more people have witnessed that there is good than have witnessed that the earth is round. So, why would you doubt the billions of people who’ve had experiences with good and evil?”

Well, they’re all crazy.

“Isn’t it more likely that you are crazy, if billions more people have witnessed these things? Wouldn’t you think that the small minority of people who claim to have never witnessed it, are indeed lying, or at the very least deluded? What’s the definition of a delusion?”

I don’t know.

“It’s a false belief. And do you know what evidence we have to believe?”


“Witness testimony all around the world. If you go to Africa, they’re going to know that murder is wrong. If you go to Asia they’re going to know that rape is wrong. In some places, very few, they don’t know this, but the majority of people know God’s law. It’s written in their hearts. And if you’re going to discredit all of those witness testimonies based on a couple hundred Scientist’s opinions, what would you call that?”


“No! I’d call it insane!”

How do you know that other people aren’t right, and you’re wrong?

“Because I have God’s law in the Bible, and it speaks into the very nature of sin, and repentance, and has the only way to get right, which is to trust in God. If there were another way to be saved, than all mankind would be doing what’s right just to be saved. That can’t be right, can it?”


“Then, how do you think people ought to be saved?”

By doing what’s right because they want to, not because they have to.

“Now do you understand why you need Jesus?”

I think.


“Why do you think there is a hell?”

Because some people want to live in sin.


“Will you put your trust in the LORD Jesus Christ today?”

The Slave

Once there was a boy who fell into

Depths of peril; renowned was he

‘mong the rising fortunes of bliss’

Wagon wars. He foresaw futures

Grim; he fell by all.

Ev’ry tongue was wagged against him

When none could know his inner thought.

All were joyed by sin’s epistle

All were to him like a thorn.


Who knows the boy so close to age

That men did scorn and sell their hate.

At once they made him sign in blood—

His life’s to God the Father and Son—

He made no vow, but was renown

To be the villainous world’s clown.

Thus all did hate and scorn and preen

They wished to burn him, kill him, scream

At what he did, was worst of all…

Yet worst he did was give his life to Law.

For now all men do hate him so

Who found the one and Holy Ghost.


Wrote Trochees, called them Iambs—

All called that man dumb.


I see men who all sank in the bog.

A silly thing to watch, this salt bog

Desperate to find all of his faults.

For into the salt bog the men sank

When they wagged their hot tongue.

All men shot their split tongue

Like the Asp’s double pronged fork.


Think on this, thou friendly foes

Of what cost it did bring. When men

Turned a head South of his Slavehood.

Ever have laws remissed him?

Why say he’s lawless, then?