Existential Structure

A story needs to feel long

Even when it’s only a few minutes.

I don’t know how else to explain a good story.

The good ones always feel longer than they actually are.


The shorter a story is,

The less it feels like it is long…

It could be 500 pages, and still feel short

It’s not very good.


I’ve seen it in modern movies that

There is more action than story.

But it’s not so simple as that.

A good story connects well

It moves from sequence to sequence

Making sense in existential structure.

That is a term meaning something’s coherency

When time is being explained.

As, a story is just writing with time woven through its element.

You want to make a story that feels long

And connects from point A to point B

Logically, and sequentially.


It’s what makes a good story.

The longer the story feels;—

Even if it’s only a couple hundred words—

The better the story often is.

Because it can, as a matter of fact

Connect well with its audiences,

And bring them coherent ideas

In a structure of time.

That is called “Existential Structure.”


Modern movies suck for this reason

That the structure of the stories don’t make sense.

There is no moral, there is only plot.

No thematic elements.

The story moves, borrowing new archetypal materials

From previously established fictions.

It assumes we’ve already watched the hours worth of material

Needed to understand the plots fully.


This is why people enjoy Television more.

It works slower,

Connects plot points slower.

Television plots out points over several episodes

Making it more enjoyable to watch.


With reading, it is doubly important.

Because with reading, one must follow the event patterns

Of rise, fall, rise, fall, climax.

This simple structure builds the most enjoyable stories.

However, better than that are slices of life

Where there is only the story of life…

A reader has to be cultured to dare it.

Many people do not understand the enjoyable nature of a story

That is about life in her complexities.

Complexities, simple day to day life is healthy.

War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice,

These stories are ones filled with ideas about life.

It’s interesting. Especially to pleasantly reverie among

The author’s moral suppositions

But our modern readers find it boring because they do not agree with the morals.

Often, the morals prove themselves accurate.


As, it is really the moral of a story that makes it feel long or short.

A good moral can create constancy among the whole work of art

Fusing it together with sensibility,

And well thought out patterns.

It is unhindered, uncensored,

Yet, the ramifications prove themselves true.

Funny thing, is that most families remind me of Anna’s family

In Anna Karenina.

It offends the atheist not because it is “False”

But because it reflects back at them something unflattering about themselves.

The truth that the moral situation caused by divorce

Resembles that of Anna’s and her superficial entourage.

It becomes clear that in the household of divorcees

There is a falsehood being lived out

And it attracts strange individuals

Almost parasitic.

A good moral does this,

Where it is held true because it is true.

The disagreement is that it offends.

Nothing more.

But, without that offensive thing we call a moral

The tales we spin are nothing more than schizophrenic messes

Never making heads or tails…

It becomes incomprehensible.

Which is another proof of moral,

How when we have bad ones,

The story seems to dishevel itself because it had not entered through by the gatekeeper.

It feels shorter.

Waco Texas

He thought himself to be Christ…

Claimed he was the “Fifth Angel.”

The Fifth Angel is not Christ.

So, his doctrine was false.


It was good that the tanks encroached.

It was good that the people were killed.

Why? Because Christians are not to disobey lawful authority.

We are not to fight.


Everything with regard to Waco is an example

Of what Christ did not want.

The Government wields the sword

And when it unsheathes, it unsheathes for good.



We Christians are to be martyred,

Have our possessions stolen,

Have ourselves put in prison,

And die; Not fight against authorities

Because this is not our kingdom.


Should our government turn upon us,

Let ourselves be killed.

For, our time is come, and they kill us

Because we will have no more pleasure on the earth.


It is wickedness that a government martyrs its Christians,

But the people who call themselves by Christ

Are to allow themselves to perish.

For, those who wield the sword

And kill with it must be killed by the sword.

We are not to fight in man’s wars.

We are not to get caught up in revolutions.


Let yourselves be a living sacrifice for Christ.

IF you shall die, die ministering the Gospel.

Do not resort to bloodshed, as that is a sin.

Satan will be judged.

The governments who have Christ’s blood on them

Will be judged. Let their own hand’s blood

Set them on fire.


We martyrs are kindling which set the world ablaze.

In Logic

In logic, “P” is a rule of inference.

This means, as it stands alone,

It can be reasoned true, therefore acceptable as a proof of validity.


Where my writing comes from,

Where my whole breadth of knowledge comes from,

Is thousands of “P”s…

Some moral and others extant.


If I had said “Green Day” is God’s favorite band,

I suppose I must have meant it.

The band could foresee the futures.

Are they God’s favorite band?

How am I supposed to know?

I truthfully don’t know.

But the fact is I might have said it in passing

To my brother;—

Someone might have heard it

And called me “apostate.”


I reason up to larger principles from established facts.

Green Day says the F word;

So did I.

Green Day is a little rowdy.

So am I.

Green Day is scathing and mourns.

So do I.

Green Day could predict tomorrow.

So could I.

I am not one who can judge them;—

I understand them.

Genius, with the ability to see into the future

To draw from it possibilities.

I understand that madness.


Their dystopian albums showing genocide

And religious wars;—

Their skepticism might be what the LORD Jehovah

Wants in the world.

A little more skepticism of our actions

Rather than our words.


We put too much emphasis on


When Green Day had gotten eleven of them wrong;

So have I.


We, Billy Joe and I,

See a lot of Ps and Qs.

We see the irony of how men live their lives

Allowing atrocities to be committed in the name of Religion.

We’re called Apostate for it.


Rather, I will not be skeptical of my religion.

I never saw Christians as an example of it.

Only Christ.

I would have that same advice for Billy Joe.

And should he be angry that God commanded wars,

I would tell him that was a time when man was supposed to create heaven;

Now, we are to let the world fail.


As, the woman caught in adultery is my “P”.

The sins of the Pharisees are my “Q”

Which were written in the ground as a testimony to their face.

It says that in the Old Testament.

It’s one of the hidden verses that appears to my eyes,

And often they do.

When I read it, I see often that man has censored the Bible

With opinions,

And sometimes I get glimpses into what it actually said.

How clear, even in the Hebrew, that Christ is Christ.

On that miracle, the miracle of good will and kindness,

Believe. As, a world without Christ is a world without kindness.

Slowly we edge toward that world,

Because men do not listen to their prophets.

Sometimes they wear black, and are themselves agnostic.

Other times they are like me, fanatical about their religion

To a point of self harm.

Either or, it is Christ Whose is the power to sustain

The good we love and cherish.

That same goodness that often we look back on

And wonder, “Where has it gone?”

Freedom is Treason

When criticizing your government is treason

All freedom has failed.

When holding them accountable for their actions is treason

All freedom has failed.

When smelling something foul in the air is treason

All freedom has failed.

When dreaming about the Great Man’s crime is treason

All freedom has failed.

When getting a prediction correct is treason

All freedom has failed.

When reading old books is treason

All freedom has failed.

When being intelligent is treason

All freedom has failed.

When every word you speak must be true

All freedom has failed.

When they spy on you for nothing

All freedom has failed.

When they listen to you

All freedom has failed.

When you cannot be prosperous through hard work

All freedom has failed.

When you can’t say what you think

All freedom has failed.


Has all freedom failed?


One of the things I’ve noticed

Is that if everyone were to pick up an old book

Their misconceptions about today’s specialness would go away.

They’d realize two things.

What’s changed is people’s information,

And how they access it.


It amazes me how two years worth of Facebook radicalized the population

While two years worth of reading Tolstoy and Shakespeare had deradicalized me.

Because in books there is vetted information,

Vetted by time and distance.

Where, we can see similar problems emerge in previous generations,

And how they dealt with it always seemed to be the same.

Wars, and rumors of wars.

But, we can certainly realize a special fact that people were a lot more civilized

About their conceptions.

It used to be that Democracy was a radical opinion to uphold:

Greece was the sum of perfection to the intellectual mind.

Now, the intellectuals have Greece in all her splendor

And want to replace it with Babylon.


It amazes me, but at least in this generation I get to understand it.

Which, my arcane notions of how the world work;

It proves itself to work.

I make predictions, and they often come true.

Take away my ability to understand how the world worked

I suppose I would be a radical like Robespierre.

But, this opiate of understanding is a good one

To appease people like me,

Because now that I can freely understand what has gone so wrong,

I still fear it, I dread it,

But I do not feel like I have to fight over it.

It is that line where a Democracy must fight,

Must take up arms.

When the people no longer can understand what is wrong with it.

When they claim, “There is nothing wrong,”

Meanwhile Caesar crosses the Rubicon.


And, how people crave a tyrant.

How responsible people crave a moderate.

I suppose that is how democracy ends,

As Padme Amidala had put it: With thunderous applause.

People and Dogs

I’ve always noticed that dumb people

Will always say their dogs are dumb.

Smart people will always say their dogs

Are smart.


I have a notion to believe

It’s because the smarter people

Reckon to see the intelligent behavior patterns in their animals

While the dumb people condescend to the animal

Recognizing it as their mental inferior.

As, the ancient quote always goes

Nobody ridicules those they feel superior to.

They ridicule those who make them feel inferior.