It’s just Corruption

Here is something for the FBI to investigate.


Corruption on every level.

The McDonald’s Clerk has to do impossible things

Just to keep their job.

Their crappy job, they have to do what is impossible.


The Copyright Clerk denies

A claim because of some technical bureaucratic nonsense.

He refuses, lies by saying the claimant refuses,

Therefore several dozen masterpieces end up on

Where nobody will read them.


Federal agents investigate an innocent man

For almost a decade

Because he knew a man who was in a cult

Who has since left that cult…

And the head investigator is a superstitious nut job

Who believes in the writer’s Fairytales

Wasting public resources to prove that Dragons exist.


The whole Media lampoons whoever’s president

For almost fifty years.

Then, we have two people under FBI investigation

As front runners in the National election.


Friends somehow sneak into a writer’s house

Find a hand written manuscript

And sell it out from under him.

Somehow the characters have the same names

And a peculiar carved bear shows up out of the blue.


Billionaires carelessly set up free publishing platforms

Then offer the writers no tangible way to make a living on it…

As if that’s not best, they obviously have read something from it

Because more peculiar and idiosyncratic subjects end up

In their launch for a television platform.


Publishers, agents and literary journals rejects me 75 times

Leaving me vulnerable to whatever nonsense is happening right now.


FBI, let me conclude the investigation for you.

You’re dealing with a corrupt society.

You, them, everyone.

So long as you know I tell the truth.

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