My Interpretation of Song of Solomon

Erin’s dells,

Heath of mine heart

The rolling thunders

From you I shan’t depart.


Gift from God

The Love of my life;

I have forgotten you

Oh heath of the dell where the rolling hills and valleys

Alighted upon my soul.


Sassafras’s aroma filled the shoals

Of affection’s love and righteous heat

Where our two hearts in lover’s embrace

Did alight and sweet melody meet.

I have seen the beauty of Tyrus

Even wonton in a dream…

Nude there for me to see

I saw that lovely maiden in a dream.


Yet, hardened of you

Wife of my youth

I did forget your beating breast

Which did get beat at every stroke

Of my heart filled desire

For the Queen of Sheba

Southern Queen…


Where are you now

O’ lovely maiden

Who came to me in a vision’s dream?

Are you gone? Shall we meet?

Shall the limpid destiny

Separate us, two turtle doves?


Nay, I cannot give you my greatest love poems

For the pomegranates of your wine

The spiced cedar of your breath

Under the heat of the day’s surmise…

Where are you,

Oh milk and honey?

The land of Erin’s Dells

Oh Israel,

Oh Jeshurun

Oh beating love…

Swarthy Shulamite

In the lattice I peer into you

Yet am gone,

For the night watchmen have shushed me away.


The king has asked for a concession from you

Oh gift from God

Erin’s dells

The Jorgia of my heart…

Sweet you are, taking many names

Yet the southern queen’s face

I love more.

Yet, it is you who had my heart at first

And it is you, oh loveliest among maidens

Who might have my heart for all days.


Oh Shulamite, have you said:

“Who are you?

“Beloved, where have you gone?

“I am undressed

“And myrrh drips from me

“In drops, I am anointed for love.


“Beloved,” Heath in the dells,

“I am sick of love.

“Come to me,

“For when I turn the door

“You are gone.

“In my languishing,

“I have sought like a sheep lost from the fold.


“I wander the street,

“Oh beloved, I wander the street

“And I am beaten, and stripped.

“I look for you.”


Oh, Solomon, a thousand talents are yours.

Take them, and leave me to my land

To till, to vine, to dress and drink.

Where are you, my beloved?

I wait for thee.


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