I’m not a Savant; I’m not a Genius; I’m not Autistic; I’m not Crazy

What’s interesting to understand

About me, is that I’m not a savant.

I didn’t get hit in the head

Or have epilepsy,

And then get extraordinary skills.

I understand social skills.


I’m not a genius.

I’m not smarter than everyone else.

I’m not better at thinking.

I’m just practiced at a skill.


I’m not autistic.

I was diagnosed with ADHD

But I have since been cured of it.

I can laser focus on something.

I don’t have obsessions.

None really.

Unless you count working on being a writer.

Unless you count trying to earn a dime on my novels.

Which, in America we call it work ethic.

We don’t call it an obsession.


I’m not crazy.

I’m normally right about my assumptions

Though people try to hide it

From me.

To know my assumptions

It would drive the normal person insane.


But, I get called an

Idiosavant, Autistic Genius Lunatic.

For that, the LORD has said the Meek among men

Are the ones who take the crown.

Truth is I’m just an average schmuck

With a peculiar gift.

I have a God who cares about me.

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