Upcoming Works:

Judas, Brother of the LORD

Probably will be done in Free Verse, with the more simple style. I want an emotional piece that outlines Christ’s relationship with his brothers, James, Jude, Joses and Simon. Three were of the Twelve Apostles. I have a few scenes in mind already, one where Judas Iscariot bullies Judas Alpheaus, gets him in trouble, blames all of Iscariot’s misdeeds on him. Iscariot will be a lot older than Alpheaus, and will tease him often.

I don’t intend the story to be religious, just some musings of mine. I am going to make Christ silent. He will say affirmations and negations about Jude’s behavior.



This one will be a contemplative piece on how Absaloms get into power. A lot of time in scripture was devoted to him, and one thing of note about Absalom is that his hair was weighed at “200 Shekels”. That means that he would sell his hair. And if there is a market, that means people would buy it. So, it will be a piece talking about how false authority creeps in through fame. A timely piece with Donald Trump in office. Though I do not dislike Donald Trump, I think the means by which he entered into office are concerning, and ought to be discouraged.


David and Cyrus


A Story about King David and King Cyrus teaming up together to fight against God’s enemies in Armageddon.

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