One thing I’ve always noticed about women

Is that they do their hair up real nice.

And, it never ceases to amaze me how much prettier they are

Without having done it.


I don’t know if it’s because a woman

Is more attracted to masculine features

That she naturally likes her face more

With hair that accents her jagged facial edges;

How they feel “Sexy” with a pixie cut

Or push their hair back to show more of their forehead.


But, a man would often think differently.

Men, if they’re honest, like a woman’s hair as it is.

Normally right when they just get out of bed

Traipsing over their face.

Messy, strands flying all over the place.

Men like the forehead covered by those locks;

It’s why we like bangs.

It’s why we like those little sexy ripples

A woman has that kind of curves with her nose

Across her face.


Men do not like exposed foreheads.

Men do not like short hair.

A woman’s face is curved.

A man’s face is lined.

When a woman’s hair makes her have lined faces

All her friends say, “Oh, you look gorgeous.”

The men, on the other hand, do not.


Trickier still is a little Freudian,

But worth thinking about.

Women, when they decorate a house

It looks more masculine.

If looking at the furnishings, there are more phalluses

More hard lines,

Often more floral designs

Which also look like phalluses.

And, coincidentally

It often is decorated like her ideal mate.

The face, the curtains.


If you look into a man’s office

You normally see hardwood floors.

You see leather furniture.

You see animals.

Do not suppose it’s because it is inherently “Masculine”.

It is like this because the items are inherently “Feminine”.

Animal bodies curve. They are not phalluses

They are bodies.

The drapes are normally fitted like a woman’s hair.

The lighting often is more like bosoms

With lamp shades.

The room is darker

Because women tend to be the darker sex.

The woods accent natural beauty

Which men are more fond of.

The leather furnishings

Are like skin;

Women choose fabrics because it’s more like hair.


So… this is pretty deep psychology.

But, women… consider this for a second.

Don’t do your hair like you like it.

Do it like a man would like it.

Don’t expose the forehead.

Have curves that accent your face.

Bangs are a really good choice

Because they completely cover the forehead.


Men… show your forehead.

Have short hair.

Have edges, not curves.

Unfortunately, I see men like to have

Wavy and curvy hair.

This… is… narcissistic.

I will comment on you

And not women.


And for me, my hair is long because I’m poor.

I would, in all honesty, have short hair

If I could.


But, having more masculine hair

Is a sign of narcissism in women.

Having more feminine hair

Is a sign of narcissism in men.

The reason is because men are attracted to long hair

And ergo, if they have long hair, who is it that they are attracted to?

Same goes for women.

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