The Issue With American Education


The real issue with American education is one systemic in the culture. Our elite intellectuals are always trying to disprove that you can know anything, and our common lay people will believe that the pyramids were built by Sasquatch. Obviously that’s a joke… but the principle applies nonetheless.

Like, on one hand, we have every intellectual in the country trying to prove that we can’t know anything, and some kind of absurd skepticism, even claiming that reading and understanding something difficult is impossible, or at best subjective. They try to reinvent the wheel, try to change the arts, the humanities… they celebrate the most crude things and call it art, and then they like to try and prove that every status quo and conventional idea is wrong. That’s what the intelligentsia does in this country.

The lay people, they actively avoid reading, they do their best to figure out how Aliens could have built Stonehenge or they believe that the Illuminati controls the world; then they start merging the two theories, and get one master delusion that the bulk of people believe. They complain about their politicians, without thinking or considering who voted them into office. Then they are skeptical of the same people, and then try to use them as scapegoats to get out of the problems they themselves created.

And of course, both ends of this spectrum are trying to eliminate religion and trying to secularize the country. Which, hasn’t worked. And it won’t work, because its necessary for us as a culture to have God and religion. It’s so deeply ingrained in our society, that we need Jesus, and God; not only because He lives… but because Americans, frankly, by trying to figure everything out, get a head on their shoulder and will stop trying to understand what’s real, and start trying to explain the world with myths or just deny that anything can be known.

It’s the real problem in this country. Everyone wants to be right… so in that, they just kind of walk around in a shell of egocentricity, never actually listening or trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with their lives, and it never crosses their minds that they could be wrong. They’re content to just believe that it’s always the other guy, that their freedoms mean they get to always be correct… And I can’t blame them. The schools have done everything in their power to say that there are no right or wrong answers, and the only right or wrong answers are on a test—which clearly tell you morally wrong things, so Americans get skeptical even more. So, that’s really the only idea that gets taught in school, is that every opinion is on equal footing, and that everyone is right so long as they can stay civil and don’t challenge the status quo. So we have a culture that pretty much denies the existence of truth, and tries to get by by never talking politics or religion. And in that regard, we elect Hilary and Trump.

Let it be clear to my audience that I’m a registered Republican.

Obviously, Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden are the best candidates in the race right now. I’m going to be curious to see if either of them gets to the front runner, or if they will elect Bernie Sanders, which would be a disaster. Like, Americans are all radical, and they criticize Joe Biden for having unorthodox policies to the party. Like, that’s some scary stuff, when clearly he’s the best candidate next to Lizzy. And I’d vote for either of them in the next election. I won’t vote for Bernie because he’s completely inflamed on this Trump crusade, and it’s just stupid. Trump is probably going to be marked by a candidacy of uninformed voter populations, and probably will be used some day to prove how democracy doesn’t work. That’s unless Americans stop electing radicals to office, like Bernie or Obama or Trump. We need a legitimate candidate, not some Looney Tune.

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