My Thoughts on Marcy’s Law

If I thought it would actually protect victims

I’d be for it.


At first, I saw it, and agreed.

I saw justice executed

By those who used their full rights.

They had de facto used these laws

To make sure justice was executed.

And the defendant was guilty

And the state prosecuted him

To the best degree, and fairest degree of the law.


Then, I considered every petty theft

Every assault charge,

Every crime committed on another.

I, unfortunately, saw this being abused.

To the effect that the courts would no longer

Regard the victims.


Then I considered a victim being read Miranda rights.

How traumatizing it would be

For an officer to read them these rights.

How, as the defendant were being traumatized

By the full weight of the law

The victim would be read a longer list

Of rights, that would pass over their minds…

I can see a cop saying it as part of a recited

Verse. Like the pledge of allegiance.

And the victim sitting there

As just another victim.


Then I considered humans are sympathetic

To the first thing they’ve ever witnessed.

Their first time seeing war.

Their first time seeing a visibly broken victim.

Their first time seeing the victims in the court room.

Frankly… I can see this being abused

And it will be because people are fascinated

By things which they are involved with…

Much like a circus spectacle

They, with morbid curiosity,

Would attend their accused’s trial

Hurl stones, and possibly turn the court room

Into a drama, and a laughing stock.


If there is real hurt,

A victim will—

As I was first hand witness to this—

Pursue their rights to the accused.

Even without these rights

I saw victims put a man in jail

And be active in every part of the trial.

It worked, precisely because the police had never seen it before.

If police, and district attorneys

Are being inundated by messages

Lambasting them and their efforts,

Screaming for the harshest penalties

And then, ultimately, turning the Prosecution’s

sympathies toward the criminal…

I don’t think this is an exercise of justice.

I think, rather, it will have the opposite affect.

I think it will burden the courts with extra phone conversations

It would create entire branches and bureaucracies,

And considering the information and rights are already



My little sister, Tori

My family pursued the accused

With the mighty wrath of God.

She had been brain injured.

Had every victim done this

Tori would be in a worse state

Because it would no longer be special.

It would be another angry parent.

Another angry victim.

I say this from witnessing both ends

The spectacle will not help court proceedings.

The rights are already there.

It will, as a matter of fact, hurt the victims.

And that is something I cannot tolerate.

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