Another Season

Another season

Tapped out of time.

Where, oh wear

Does the worry on my soul.


Every divination is false.

Every sign in nature is deaf.

The five bluebirds I saw in winter coat,

They please me, to show me one last time their color.


If there is anything for me here

Let it come.

If not, take my soul away,

Let me hide in the grave.

Sadness permeates my bones.


Madness permeates my bones.

What I want is right before me.

Some wind takes it away.


The myth of Guinevere daunts me

Adultery stings my brow.

How men, giving everything they have

End up with nothing in the end.

How happiness is fleeting.

Madness. Let me have my heifer and two sheep.


And I mean anger, not insanity.

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