We Are Free

Fife and drum sweep o’er the hills

Thunderous cracks from without the pills.

Troops arrayed in battle’s might

Take back the creek throughin the night.

Great smoke lays o’er the valleys shed

With the blood of the revolution bled.


Great thunderous crowds from the east

Lay their bulwarks about the creek.

Britain comes in strong man o’ wars

With troops and muskets from another shore.

The battle arrayed to free our guns

The righteous lot of those revolution’s sons;

With ten thousand marching to Washington’s songs

The Prussian General making us strong.


Forget not the revolution’s proud mysterious fire

Which laid the bodies of man and sire.


Repeaters on the chiefest hills

Longstreet’s guns were good to kill.

Picket’s charge, o’ laid to waste

The Rebel South and their great haste.

Across the valley they ran and charged

Believing the guns were waxen charge;

Yet they were instead a cartridge load

Which fired seven shots for each rebel’s load.


Down the grey coats fell in blood

For Picket’s mismatch with the Yankees’ Guns.

Slavery was ended on that good day

And on the fourth Lincoln had his say.

Just like on the fourth our nation sealed

To free mankind, and slavery killed.


Right had won both illustrious wars

Good men died, and their blood had poured.

For righteous were the chiefest sons

Who fought off the British and Rebel Guns.


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