I am angry with you

For what you didn’t do.

Left me, and did not come to me.

Why oh why did this mistress haunt?

Why did you flaunt?

Why did you show yourself

Just to disappear?


Around in circles we go

With no song able to inspire the insipid feeling

The one I have toward you.

It is not hate.

Rather, Guinevere,

You have made me lose faith in love.


Where were you when I needed you?

Where were you when I asked for you?

Hidden in the parcels of shadows

Like the very spectre I said I didn’t want.


You are more beast

Than human being.

Trotting with Lancelot as if a heated mare pissing blood;

You move like a dog, and lick the tongue like an adder.


Let me be…

Will you not?

Will this rage have to burn forever?

When will you simply let me be the man I’m supposed to be?

Rather, you will turn on me, like you always did.

The moment I was vulnerable with you

You cast me away like I was nothing.


Type, o fingers, type.

There is nothing but madness in you.

Do you want classical Greece


Do you want Rome?

How about the whole world?

That you’d take,

But I, I you wouldn’t.

Have it all.


I want no woman except the one who’d make this decision:

If given the world or me

She’d take me.

For that was my heart toward you.

But I was weak with you, wasn’t I?

And that made you lose your love for me.

It was not love that you felt, heifer.

Leave me, for I spit at you


Why do I even have to know your ways?


A thousand stories are told of you

And no man can understand it

Because he does not know your ways.

Yet I, I had to meditate on it

And save me once more, I did not make the mistake

Of courting you

And then having you find one superior to me.


With my inferiority, you take me.

For this, my love is pure

And I heard, “Loyalty is what’s most attractive.”

Loyalty is not attractive, but money, fame and prowess

Those are what attracts the woman Guinevere.

Let no man fool you.

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