The Idol Nation

Prosperity comes with purges.

We all eat. While Hitler starves the masses.

Men deny such things.

Men make rumors about such things.

No one really knows,

But I know if they did,

It’d be business as usual.


Christians get him into power.

Christians are the foundation of his ascent.

They get swept off their feet

As the Wiemar breaks down

And the Second Reich begins.

Our people swoon over the great dictator.

He assassinates political opponents

He assassinates innocent men,

In order to distract the viewing public from

His plans. His Amtsenthebungsverfahren.

Too long a word to be seriously upheld in court.

Too many syllables.


The people eat their food,

Drink their wine,

Are merry and wise.

All the while Hitler sends their sons overseas

To fight in wars that profit only him.

Not his sons. No, he sent your sons.


It is all because the nation was once great,

The Prussian Empire, with Viceroys and Viscounts

Hochadels and Uradels.

But, the people are now poor,

But Hitler made them rich

And they did not suffer a bit during the whole of the war

Until bloody hands cried out to them.

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