We Sometimes Like to Think

We sometimes like to think

That our arguments are new.

We like to think that our era is perfect

And that our arguments and ideas have not

Lived on since the beginning of man.


When you read old works—

If you can understand them—

You start to notice that astrophysics was known in the 16th century.

You begin to understand

That men understood all that we can understand today.


The difference between then and now

Is that today we cannot know Word.

We had all of our knowledge then,

But then we had the conscience of Word.

Today we cannot perceive it

And so make Milton’s villain the hero.

Though, in the sixth Chapter he explicitly forbade that reading.


It makes me think nobody reads the books

And yet still their scholarship is published.


Satan used reason to murder and commit theft.

Philosophy, as Milton understood it,

Was Satan’s justification for making war with God.

Yet, Raphael dismissed man’s faulty reason

Their pitiful explanations of the cosmos,

And told man what Voltaire told us.


“Till thy garden.”

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