Hospital Ethics Committee

A hospital wants to take a child off life support

Without the parents’ consent.


It, by law, says it has the ability to do it,

And it says it’s ethical.


This is what I’ve feared for a long time.


It could be you on that bed.

It could be your child on that bed.


America, in the words of Green Day,

“Give me revolution!”

Because silence is the enemy.


Revolution of Words!

I Do not Want My Nation to Go to War with Iran

I do not want my nation to go to war with Iran.

Why? Because then everyone would suffer.


If I said I would destroy Iran,

It would only be a threat

Backed up by a promise.


I would, as it were,

First spend years to get you to see my side.

Not months.

Not hours.


I would slowly show you that if Iran gained nuclear weapons

And our whole world went to war, it would profit nothing.

Entire crops would die.

Entire populations would be destroyed.

Therefore, I would show you what war is.

I would spend the better part of my career,

As a general, showing you why you cannot have a World War.


Then, as a measure, I would tell you my stratagem.

It would be simple.

Any country that would start a World War

Swiftly, I would win over its allies,

And destroy that country, right down to the last man and child.

It would be swift.

It would be painless.

I would not torture.

I would take captives.

Those slaves I would treat as human beings…

They would work, eat and till my pastures

And be as much a part of my people as my people.

They would follow my laws.

They would live good lives

And eat, drink, marry,

And after several decades, they’d be allowed to return home,

Them and their children and their children

If they’d desire.


I am not Daniel.

No. I am not Jude.

I am not a Prophet, like Amos was not a prophet.

Rather, my wisdom is my prophesy.


I would not wage a war

Unless the citizens were corrupt

Of the country I invaded.

I would not wage a war

Unless it was punishment,

Exacted on that nation.

It would be swift and merciless.

I would not fight for territory.

It would be a rod.


But, before that, I would do everything in my power to keep China and Russia

Out of a conflict. And if diplomacy failed,

If they’d stubbornly hold onto Iran’s defense,

I would not fight. I would silently bow out and would not resist.

The reason why is that the trees are precious to me.

So are people.

War is a measure fought to punish a wicked nation

For its crimes.

Frankly, as a measure, I do not believe my nation is righteous enough

To punish yours, nor yours righteous enough to punish mine.

But, in my estimation, I would give everything, even my credibility

But not my soul,—never my soul, for such is more precious to me than the whole world—

But my credibility I would give to prevent such a war that would destroy everything good and lovely.

I love you.

Enough to understand why war is fought,

And that if I were killed by you, I would not be angry.

For war is the ugliest thing in Human Existence,

And if it’s fought, it needs to be fought.


No chemicals. No biologics. No nuclears.

Only because there would be other innocent countries that would suffer

Even more if they were used.


Frankly, I am disgusted.

I want Trump to not attack you.

I had envisioned a plan that would take years

To unfold, and I would work everything in my power

To prevent the whole Earth suffering for one country’s sins.

That was why my strategy was severe. Because I loved you

Enough to not want you or I to suffer World War III.


And there will not be a World War III,

Will there? I hope not.

Because my foreboding was to tell you

What war is. First. It is not humane.

Second, my foreboding was to broker peace;

Not to solve all of the Earth’s problems.

Men will kill each other in all places and all times.

It cannot be solved.

But, one nation does not have to make all men suffer.




My Thoughts on War

I said something controversial.

So, here are my thoughts on war.


Do not fight it.

But, if you do,

Do not spare the rod.

Do not wage it with kid’s gloves.

If there is a war that needs waged

Wage it;—bring slaves home from the country.

Murder, rape, pillage.

Do not fight it with ethics,

As war is the abandonment of ethics.

The time for war is a time for every egregious crime.

And if a nation does not measure up to that punishment

It ought not be fought.

If the citizens do not deserve to die,

If the people do not deserve to have their houses destroyed,

Their children dashed across the rocks,

Their elderly slaughtered,

Then do not wage a war.


Doubly, if war would be a catastrophe,

Leading to suffering for all mankind,

I doubly say such a war would be foolish,

And if crimes were to be committed by one nation on another

Rightly, it would justify those crimes if it meant

The whole Earth wouldn’t erupt into suffering

If otherwise no action were taken.


War is punishment.

War is a legal time to commit the most heinous crime

The most heinous deception,

The most heinous fraud.

It is nothing more, and nothing less.

If we do not treat it as such,

Whole generations suffer.