My Thoughts on War

I said something controversial.

So, here are my thoughts on war.


Do not fight it.

But, if you do,

Do not spare the rod.

Do not wage it with kid’s gloves.

If there is a war that needs waged

Wage it;—bring slaves home from the country.

Murder, rape, pillage.

Do not fight it with ethics,

As war is the abandonment of ethics.

The time for war is a time for every egregious crime.

And if a nation does not measure up to that punishment

It ought not be fought.

If the citizens do not deserve to die,

If the people do not deserve to have their houses destroyed,

Their children dashed across the rocks,

Their elderly slaughtered,

Then do not wage a war.


Doubly, if war would be a catastrophe,

Leading to suffering for all mankind,

I doubly say such a war would be foolish,

And if crimes were to be committed by one nation on another

Rightly, it would justify those crimes if it meant

The whole Earth wouldn’t erupt into suffering

If otherwise no action were taken.


War is punishment.

War is a legal time to commit the most heinous crime

The most heinous deception,

The most heinous fraud.

It is nothing more, and nothing less.

If we do not treat it as such,

Whole generations suffer.

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