God’s Plane and Scale

Mr. Emerson, may I just attain
What you said about circles.
It makes me first get offended.
As is true with all wisdom
All truth, we resist it at first.
We do not like things to be 
So simple, nor do we appreciate
Patterns we ourselves have not attained.

Yet, looking at the mountains
The trees, my palm, my fingers
My gloves, the rocks,
My calves, the cow's horns
The lizard's ovular body
The worms, the fly's which are 
Shaped like eggs,
The grasshoppers which are shaped
Like fingers, the bird's
Which are shaped almost ovular
The frogs, which when scrunched
Are like a little oval
The bushes which are ovular too...
And cats and dogs and horses when they lie down.
I do say I see the pattern as well.
And I do believe I have a theory on why.
Pi---being infinite, as is the infinite measurement of the curve---
Must inherently be the natural order of geometry.
So everything, running off, and smoothing over by rain
And evolving over time,
Naturally must produce a circle.
As, Pi is the natural shape, the natural
Number of nature, by which all other things are dictated.
Surely, it has its subtle imperfections
Making each specimen different,
But given the natural shape of all things
Are likened to a circle---
And what is straight
Often we can assume was man made,
How men create things in squares
And nature its circles---
I do say it's an 
offensive little thought.
That I hadn't attained it first---
Maybe I equal you in genius
For giving an explanation as to why---
Is it the infinite reality of Pi
Which causes this?
That number naturally representing
The geometry of a curve
Therefore, randomness must
Inherently, be shaped into curves.
For, the patterns in nature show
That all things, built by God,
Are as a curve. Men build in squares
And God builds with circles.
Because men must shape our environment
To order, and God must shape His environment
To the natural world toward that infinite 
Shape, that infinite number Pi.
And Mr. Emerson I do not plagiarize you
Rather, as you said about great poets
Writing in an age where there are few,
We take all things and make them our own.
But, my solemn task is finding in the past
Things which ought to be remembered by all
For a better future.

Another peculiar thought.
It seems that man is the only creation
Of God's which is like a rectangle.
For, the Golden ratio
By which men create and shape their world,
Is dictated by the rectangular shape of our body.
No other creature is dictated by its rectangular
Form. None which I know.
For, they are either cones, spheroids
Or outright shaped like circles.
The Human body, when standing upright
Exhibits the Golden Ratio;---
That being Five to two.
So do trees, so do bushes,
But only human bodies seem to be nature's rectangle
Which may be why we prefer them in our creations.
But this strange ratio has been told to me
By a much beloved professor
When describing the Acropolis
Which is fitted to our human shape;---
Which does appears in nature;---
Perhaps it is nature's rectangle
Which we men are formed closer to----
Yes, it is most defined in our human form.
For, perhaps these two measurements
The measurement of Pi
And the measurement of  Phi,
Perhaps these numbers are scientific
Facts, oblong and shaping the world
Through their infinite order.

Perhaps Pi is nature's curve
And Phi is nature's rectangle
Both working together
In their infinite measurements
As if planed and scaled by God
Like the Bible said, 
"Wisdom was with God when he Planed the Scale of the Earth".

For, by observing this order, 
I am confident that God exists.
For, these measurements create
Upon the earth, and define all Aesthetic Beauty.
That, and of course, Fibonacci's sequence;
Which repeats itself through all natural shapes.
For some reason, these numbers lay down the law
Of how our natural world gets shaped by the 
Eons of textures and winds, and rains.
And, certainly, to have such geometric certainty
As this---for randomness cannot truly occur in nature
According to these principles---
It must be that an architect, by design
Created our world.

And as certain as these mathematical principles are
Which are observed in everything from trees
To mountains, to rock formations
And even the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls,
So are the moral principles laid down by Christ
As certain. Which, Mr. Emerson, 
Is my scientific foundation for believing in Him.

An Ode on Faith

An Ode on Faith

What keeps a man, when Abraham is preached,
From imitating him,---in murdering
His son?---to, another's life, be the thief?
Much the same that allows one, whose reading
Of a poet, understand the clever
Metaphors, and gives one's knowledge a truth.
'tis what allows a man knowledge; whispers
In his ears the meaning of sweetest fruit.
There is the literal, which, willing kills,
Without concept lays actions bare and bald.
The literal reading atheists fill
Christian minds, searching deeply for a fault.
Yet, we somehow know what a passage means,
For that is why faith remains; 'tis unseen.
Should man without this ability be,
Such man, hell's stone be his foreboding vault.

Biblical History

Did you know, oh wise men

Akhenaten was the

Cruel Pharaoh of Egypt?

The years of kings, judges

And the exiles, come

Well within error’s mark?


Did you know, oh wise men

That Abraham is said

To have lived during


Time? Hamurabi’s code

Was codified right when

Abraham’s said to live?


Could ancient writers be

So precise, or have so

Much knowledge to do

These two miraculous

Things? I say they couldn’t.


Abraham appears at

The first description of

The Law, and Aten’s Cult

Appears right when Moses

Parted the large Red Seas?

Could it be anything

Less than a miracle?



One of the reasons the enemy is so cruel

Is that he knows when men are wicked

God will send plagues for their evening gruel.

Thus, he further disheartens mankind

When men lose faith and trust in the lies

They have no rhyme or reason to know what has been done.

This plague we are suffering is from God the Father, Spirit and Son.


Thus, the enemy will use it to bray

And to say, “There is no God, for why would He send a plague?”

They, in eternal hatred and strife

Will say, “We had done everything we could to hide

“You during this wicked outbreak.”

However, there is a God, this proves it is so.

For men are being wicked, and God has here shown

That men were falling away from the faith.

My children, do not be, I say do not be afraid.


So when Antichrist is in power for aught

He will take advantage of every plague when God’s wroth.


In the scripture,

It says “The Law Converts the Heart.”

Abstract theories of the universe cannot sway

A man to believe in Christ.

If the stem of a banana is a cola tap.

We cannot be Dr. Pangloss.

Because I believe wholly that the Law of God is

The measure by which we preach.


“Have you stolen?”


“Have you blasphemed?”


“Do you know that every blasphemy leaves a permanent stain?”


At this my face flushed red.

“Have you ever looked at a woman with lust?”


“Your friend says you’re lying.”

I blush even more.

“Have you called your brother a fool?”

Many times.

“That is the same as murder to God.”

“Have you ever told a lie about someone?”


“Whose work do you rely on to get into heaven.”

My own.

“Well, that is breaking the Sabbath. That carries a death sentence.”

“Have you ever wanted something that someone else owned?”


“Have you ever made an idol?”

“No, I never did that.”

“So, you never put your popularity above a relationship with a friend?”

Well, yes.

“What do you think caused you to do that?”


“Have you ever been ashamed of Jesus in public?”


“So, you could walk up to anyone on this boardwalk, and talk about Jesus?”


“Why not him?”

Okay, no.

“Wouldn’t you call that Idolatry?”

“Have you ever worshiped another God?”

No, never. I always believed in Jesus.

“So, you never sinned?”

Well, I sinned.

“Then when you were sinning, were you putting Jesus above everything else?”


“Then, you have worshiped other gods.”

“Have you ever dishonored your father or mother.”


“Have you ever done something directly to disobey them?”


“Then you have dishonored your father and mother.”



“Then you have just admitted to breaking every one of God’s commandments.”


“What are you going to do to be saved?”

Can’t God forgive me?

“He can, if you put Jesus on as a parachute, as Ray Comfort says,

“Or as Jeremiah says, you don’t carry the burden of your sin on your shoulder

“During the Sabbath.

“Because it is a weight too burdensome for a man to carry,

“And we need Jesus to carry our sins for us, not us.”


“Because it makes you a better person when you’re forgiven

“Than when you are trying to pay back what is owed.

“When you’re forgiven, you do things out of the kindness of your heart.

“When you have to do good as a matter of paying back debt

“You are always doing what is good because you feel that it is your debt

“And you are not doing it from a desire to be good.

“You are being good to save yourself,

“And you are not being good because it is good.”


Well, I believe in evolution, so it disproves the Bible.

“Does evolution disprove the Bible?”

Yes, it’s impossible for the Bible to be true.

“Cannot you believe in evolution and the Bible, too?”


“Is the world flat?”


“How do you know this.”

Because of science.

“Yet, have you ever been to the moon to prove the earth is a sphere?”


“So, how do you know that the Earth is actually a sphere.”

I don’t know.

“You’ve heard from people who’ve witnessed it first hand, haven’t you?”


“Well, what about the billions more people who’ve witnessed God’s power, or at the very least have witnessed evil?”

I guess, but what does that have to do with anything?

“Well, if more people have witnessed good, and more people have witnessed evil, than have witnessed that the earth is round, why wouldn’t you believe them?”

I don’t know.

“Because it’s silly to believe that the Earth is flat. We’ve been to space to prove that the Earth is round. And more people have witnessed that there is good than have witnessed that the earth is round. So, why would you doubt the billions of people who’ve had experiences with good and evil?”

Well, they’re all crazy.

“Isn’t it more likely that you are crazy, if billions more people have witnessed these things? Wouldn’t you think that the small minority of people who claim to have never witnessed it, are indeed lying, or at the very least deluded? What’s the definition of a delusion?”

I don’t know.

“It’s a false belief. And do you know what evidence we have to believe?”


“Witness testimony all around the world. If you go to Africa, they’re going to know that murder is wrong. If you go to Asia they’re going to know that rape is wrong. In some places, very few, they don’t know this, but the majority of people know God’s law. It’s written in their hearts. And if you’re going to discredit all of those witness testimonies based on a couple hundred Scientist’s opinions, what would you call that?”


“No! I’d call it insane!”

How do you know that other people aren’t right, and you’re wrong?

“Because I have God’s law in the Bible, and it speaks into the very nature of sin, and repentance, and has the only way to get right, which is to trust in God. If there were another way to be saved, than all mankind would be doing what’s right just to be saved. That can’t be right, can it?”


“Then, how do you think people ought to be saved?”

By doing what’s right because they want to, not because they have to.

“Now do you understand why you need Jesus?”

I think.


“Why do you think there is a hell?”

Because some people want to live in sin.


“Will you put your trust in the LORD Jesus Christ today?”

The Sheep Gate, in Hexameter

A man has found every moral there is, softly thinking strong forms

Of man’s greatest aspirations, lofty,—so found a god through them.

For, morals can be discovered by all, some like calculus solved

Ever so meticulously and long; others like addition

Were found by merely adding one plus one—that would be golden rules.

However, why is there only one name, which will save a man’s life?


Because one name, Jesus Christ, had found them, every moral we know

And had preached it to the whole of the earth, every moral we know.

Some say He borrowed from everyone else;—others that He was wrong.

Rightly, if He did borrow all morals;—how did He find them all?

He found war, and told all men not to fight; for He would fight for us.

He told men to obey authorities;—He told men when not to.

If there is not one name under heaven, then all our knowledge is

Scattered abroad in thousands of thinkers, whom we will never find.

This is why there is only one sheep’s gate;—yes, just one name that saves.

Because the smartest among us couldn’t, no they could not even

Figure the sum of half our moral truths;—thus, we must procure faith

In that humble LORD of the Sabbaoth—Jesus Christ is His name.