An Ode on Faith

An Ode on Faith

What keeps a man, when Abraham is preached,
From imitating him,---in murdering
His son?---to, another's life, be the thief?
Much the same that allows one, whose reading
Of a poet, understand the clever
Metaphors, and gives one's knowledge a truth.
'tis what allows a man knowledge; whispers
In his ears the meaning of sweetest fruit.
There is the literal, which, willing kills,
Without concept lays actions bare and bald.
The literal reading atheists fill
Christian minds, searching deeply for a fault.
Yet, we somehow know what a passage means,
For that is why faith remains; 'tis unseen.
Should man without this ability be,
Such man, hell's stone be his foreboding vault.

Freedom of Speech

It's gone.
The corporation can take it from you
By simply lolling you to sleep.
Withdraw the hand that feeds
And one cannot eat.
Extort, so that the only way to earn bread
Is to obey the companies that tell you.

14,000,000 people were killed in the Holocaust.
20,000,000 people were killed in Stalin's Holocaust.
100,000,000 people were killed in Mao's Holocaust.

Children die in war.
When we dropped our bombs, did it only kill men?
Men with helmets?
No, women, children, they died too
When we bombed Germany.

Ask any soldier how to win an occupation?
Kill down to the last child.
If God said to do it once,
Once in all of history.
Then consider the cannibals that they murdered.

Slavery is a punishment inflicted on a nation.
When that nation ritualistically cannibalizes its infants
When that nation sodomizes its child prostitutes
When that society sacrifices little children
I think putting them to work is a mitigated sentence.

God does, in fact, destroy.
He will bring plauges.
And those plagues comfort me.
What else is to be done to a nation of murderers
Who smear Fetus over their skin
To stay healthy?
Who barter the blood of infants
For their products?

Why is what is about to happen will happen?
Because there is no right and wrong
To this generation.
Murder is good, if it's in the name of Anarchy and violence.
But, God's war is far too viscous.

The Crusades were defensive wars,
To protect against invaders.
Ask any Muslim whether it is justified to defend your territory
At a cost of human life.
Americans piously drop bombs in Iraq
And burst women and children's flesh 
Yet it is only unethical if it's a sword.
Let the children wander in their war zones...
Because that's right.

YouTube is censoring this information.
It's the cold hard truths.
War, the more violent side wins.
That's why we don't fight them.
That's why there are nation states
Which give bounds, so remove not the ancient boundaries.

What is wicked is waging war with kids gloves
So an entire continent suffers.
What is immoral is marching armies
With the thought that war can be fought reserved...
Meanwhile, children lose everything, and get indoctrinated.

Ask any soldier about those verses in the Bible
That talk about war.
Those who have killed a child, for in war everything is justified.
That is why one ought not fight it.

War is wicked, because  believe in the Bible
And it makes war the most wicked thing in the world.
That is why God is moral.
Because He doesn't make war glorious.
He doesn't make war anything but what it is...
Supreme evil.
And with that, it is why the Law of War brings me comfort
That it ought not be fought in our day and age.

And all of this is censored on Your Television.

My Politics

That people get a guaranteed day of rest.

That people have off their holidays.

That the poor can eat, and aren’t harassed by the government for panhandling.

That the poor can always get shelter.

That abortion be a capital offense.

That freedom of speech is upheld.

I believe in Net Neutrality.

That people not get arrested for crimes they didn’t commit.

That investigations work on evidence, and not subliminal tests.

That courts work for justice, and not quotas.

That people have the right to property.

That people have the right to practice their religion.

That people have the right to bear arms—didn’t see that one coming, did you?

All 27 of the amendments, except prohibition, unless it is Marijuana.

Article 1 Section 8 which states this is a utilitarian economy, not a capitalistic one.

That communists be allowed to eat from their books.

That socialists be allowed to eat from their books.

That capitalists be allowed to eat from their books.

That I be allowed to eat from my books.

That the Bible be upheld in all of its principles,

Not just the ones we like to cherry pick.

That people realize “Charity” was a better word than “Love”

In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13.

Marriage be between a Man and a Woman; no other thing.

That the nation be a Christian Nation above all other things.

That the nation uphold its founding values, found through the ENTIRETY

Of the constitution, which includes public funds for research

Public funds for Roads, public funds for libraries

And public funds for Post Offices, and also caps on trade inequalities

And regulations on measures and standards.

That so called Christians stop being hypocrites.

Pope Ahaz


I bring this up, because we can see how the Pope wants us to evangelize. The subtlety of his words bring a nuance to what he means. On one hand, he’s saying “Do not try to convert the unbeliever.” By that, he means not to convert them to the faith. His methods are shown above, where he is blessing idols.

The manner in which he wants to do missions is to enable the sinner to stay in sin. We can see in the subtlety of “Welcome homosexuals,” he means to take a pass on their habitual sins.

To be frank, I had just watched a man cast out seventeen demons from the Catholic Church. He was having them recant the Nicene Creed, and the power of the ensemble was casting out demons. One could hear them echoing through the Washington church. The fact is that the power of Christ is real. And the witness that this bishop spoke was about humility, and charity to the poor. But, it was said several dozen times that Jesus was the LORD, and the only LORD. That was a testimony to how the Gospel can cleanse the sinners, even when the alters are dirty.

The Pope is setting a different example. He is recanting points of backsliding for the Catholic church, which though I am not a Catholic, I share the Gospel as they do as my religion, and we Protestants need to stop attacking our Catholic Brethren, when they themselves hold the Gospel truth, too. But, the truth is that this Pope is like Ahaz to the LORD. He is preaching a willing compromise on the faith in order to gain seats in the lector halls. We cannot do this, otherwise we thwart the Gospel of truth. Only Christ can save. And the Catholic Church is battling this problem. When you bless an idol, which is anything we hold as habitual sin, be it something like these statues or homosexuality—and even an iPhone—it is a sin, and the Church needs to stand firmly against it, and preach on charity, as that is the Gospel message the LORD has given to this generation, is to give to the poor, and be charitable. Let the LORD’s people say Amen. Do not compromise on idolatry, which is the sin our nations are most guilty of, that and disobeying the Sabbath, which I admit I had done today.