Freedom of Speech

It's gone.
The corporation can take it from you
By simply lolling you to sleep.
Withdraw the hand that feeds
And one cannot eat.
Extort, so that the only way to earn bread
Is to obey the companies that tell you.

14,000,000 people were killed in the Holocaust.
20,000,000 people were killed in Stalin's Holocaust.
100,000,000 people were killed in Mao's Holocaust.

Children die in war.
When we dropped our bombs, did it only kill men?
Men with helmets?
No, women, children, they died too
When we bombed Germany.

Ask any soldier how to win an occupation?
Kill down to the last child.
If God said to do it once,
Once in all of history.
Then consider the cannibals that they murdered.

Slavery is a punishment inflicted on a nation.
When that nation ritualistically cannibalizes its infants
When that nation sodomizes its child prostitutes
When that society sacrifices little children
I think putting them to work is a mitigated sentence.

God does, in fact, destroy.
He will bring plauges.
And those plagues comfort me.
What else is to be done to a nation of murderers
Who smear Fetus over their skin
To stay healthy?
Who barter the blood of infants
For their products?

Why is what is about to happen will happen?
Because there is no right and wrong
To this generation.
Murder is good, if it's in the name of Anarchy and violence.
But, God's war is far too viscous.

The Crusades were defensive wars,
To protect against invaders.
Ask any Muslim whether it is justified to defend your territory
At a cost of human life.
Americans piously drop bombs in Iraq
And burst women and children's flesh 
Yet it is only unethical if it's a sword.
Let the children wander in their war zones...
Because that's right.

YouTube is censoring this information.
It's the cold hard truths.
War, the more violent side wins.
That's why we don't fight them.
That's why there are nation states
Which give bounds, so remove not the ancient boundaries.

What is wicked is waging war with kids gloves
So an entire continent suffers.
What is immoral is marching armies
With the thought that war can be fought reserved...
Meanwhile, children lose everything, and get indoctrinated.

Ask any soldier about those verses in the Bible
That talk about war.
Those who have killed a child, for in war everything is justified.
That is why one ought not fight it.

War is wicked, because  believe in the Bible
And it makes war the most wicked thing in the world.
That is why God is moral.
Because He doesn't make war glorious.
He doesn't make war anything but what it is...
Supreme evil.
And with that, it is why the Law of War brings me comfort
That it ought not be fought in our day and age.

And all of this is censored on Your Television.

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