The Inspiration for My Myth of Subang

In Dragon Ball Super Goku becomes what they call a “God”. I stopped relating to him. Because he became callous, and only wanted to fight. He stopped being the sort of hero I looked up to, and became something more than what he ought to have.

So, I knew Dragon Ball was inspired by the Myth of the Monkey King. So, I did my own myth, where Goku was Subang—the same name. And Goku becomes “Thor.” That is, an embodiment of men going too far.

Because I think the metaphor needed drawn out. I think Akira went too far with his portrayal of Goku. And, to be honest, he stopped being a good guy. He started being kind of like a Loki type figure. Just the way he gambled the whole entire universe on his lust for battle was disturbing to me. He no longer was a protector, but became, sort of, the embodiment of everything I’m despising at the current rate.

Goku in GT, although not as celebrated, I could relate to. The formula was there. Goku was fighting villains, and it followed the kind of formula I would expect for the DB franchise. Goku becomes some what of a folk legend, rather than saying he’s a deity. But, Goku in Super becomes a deity, and I can only say that after becoming such, he’s significantly changed in personality. He’s become more reckless, more haphazard, and he’s become a shell of his old character. GT preserved his character, and made him serious. Super has changed Goku’s character into something I can’t relate to. In fact, I relate to Vegeta more, now, because it seems he’s the more likely of the two to be a good guy. And he is the good guy, now. I mean, Vegeta has some kind of reverence toward life, which Goku has now abandoned. Which is interesting, I think.

Though, I don’t like the Super Saiyan God form because it’s not only blasphemous, it’s stupid. Because DB was absent of a religious context. There was no doubt that DB’s atheism was one of the things that made the franchise worth watching. Because it neither posited itself beyond the scope of itself, nor did it irritate the religious views of its audiences. It was something politically and religiously neutral. And then they go one step beyond, into the realm of godhood with the characters, which now I feel disquieted watching it. It’s no longer a story about a man defending helpless people, but is now a quasi religion.

So, I took the series of Dragon Ball and made this story. And the reason why I did was because I do know that Akira had drawn influence from the myth of the Monkey King. I’ve never read that myth, but simply watched a notable martial arts movie, and Dragon Ball, and of course Jacky Chan Adventures to really get this myth off the ground.

And of course Akira means “Light”, so Aarin, the Nethanim that is defeated by Subang, is Akira’s Nethanim, to guard him against this path he went with his story. Which, Subang is meant in this myth simply to tell Akira not to take Goku to this level. Though he did, I just want Goku to maybe be something other than an object of worship because I think it corrupted the Character of Goku, and the series in a lot of ways. The series was not religious, and all of its lore was in the realm of fantasy. Now it went into the realm of religion, and if going there, I think it’s best that we take a step back and understand how dangerous that is. Of course, he wouldn’t be the first to do so. But, now it’s coming into mainstream culture, and I don’t think this is a good thing.

Because God does exist, and I would hope that the myth I created could warn people about the ascent into “godhood.” That, the overbearing metaphor in this story is how the pursuit of powers beyond your scope can corrupt you, and it has corrupted one of our most beloved characters by making him less than what he was. And I think this is the danger of this pursuit. And of course Nethanim are guardians of the mind. They aren’t real, unless you count the person who invents them. The author is the Nethanim. The person on the page is simply his metaphor to defeat the evil. And in this case, the evil is Goku… and I never thought that would be the case.

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