The Thirteen Kings; The Codex for My Mythology

As a note to all people who read this: These are to help people understand the Nation Types in Bible Prophecy. They are not meant to be literal, but rather metaphorical examples of how the Nation Types are to be read in scripture. Rather, they are mindsets we ought to avoid. Not literal manifestations.


The Thirteen Kings

Pekah, King of Israel – The False Ephraim or Athena. Absalom. He comes as Medea, and uses meogic to do unnatural things. He can place Giant Souls in innocent people, he can transform into strange forms, and he is an expert in all meogic.

Prince of Tyre – Or Thor. He commands the armies of Elves and Orcs and Vikings, and has magical abilities to throw people into other realms.

Nero – The Beast, Or Judas Iscariot, or Wicked John; he has the power to control other people’s bodies by the Giant Soul. He is the ruler of Rome, or the Earthly Airs, and is trying to gain possession of the whole Earth.

Nebo – Or The Bull. He has the power to live your prosperous life as you are in captivity for sin. He does all the things you shouldn’t, and gets rich doing it.

Chemosh – Beelzebub, the goddess of Fairyland, Belial, the ruler of the Spirit of the Air, or the ruler of Atlantis and Elysium; a ruler of the Grave and Fairyland.

Abaddon – The Two Horned Beast, the False Prophet, or the Grave. Death. The human embodiment of Leviathan. Prometheus. He, also, has the same powers as Nebo, but is far more powerful. He is the ruler of the Grave, and has power over it. He is allied with Nero to take over the Earth.

Yehonason – Lucifer, also known as Rezin Mad, he is the king of Assyria. He oppresses the peoples of God. He is in league with Abaddon and Nero. He is of the tribe of Ephraim, but has command over Assyria and Ephraim.

Jezebel Zarathustra – She has the power of lies, to accuse the saints of everything the Other Thirteen have done while impersonating them. Sometimes is called Belial, too.

Nebuchadnezzar – Also known as Sheshak. He has a war against Rezin Mad and Abaddon, but then turns evil when he sees the corruption of man, and grows angry with God when He doesn’t avenge the Saints. So, when the Nation Israel persecutes its prophets, Nebuchadnezzar comes and conquers them to avenge the Prophets.

Daughter of Babylon – Also known as the Whore of Babylon, the Queen over the city of Istanbul. She has power over the world’s commerce, connecting the Giant Kingdoms of Mars and Jotunheim with the Earth.

Daughter of Moab – The Daughter of Nebo and Chemosh. She persecutes the Saints until they are found to be saints, and then turns upon Nebo and Chemosh.

Zoan – A Sphynx with the power of the Elf Jewel to transform into a man or Satyr. He was created in human labs with the power of the Angel Swords. He was then taken back to Egypt where he became the gatekeeper of time for the elves.

Tyrus – Also known as Helen of Troy or Helen of Tyre. She wrote all of the myths written by Virgil and Homer, and is credited as being the most beautiful woman to ever live. She has power over men, to draw them off of their walk with Christ with her vanity.


Other Noteworthy Characters

Ammon Ra – The King of the Ammonites. We have seen him in Adolph Hitler, Chairman Mao and Stalin. He is at war with the Saints, but is the least of all these.

Hezekiah – The King of Israel who’s faith and prayer caused God to defeat Rezin Mad.

Cyrus – Judas Son of James, Jude, and the Persian king who defeated Babylon, Assyria and Media at the height of their empires, and he also returned the Jews to their homes.

David – The Conquering Messiah. In other words, Christ’s Second Coming. The one who is at the head of all the Nethanim.

Brittos – Shem, son of Noah, the Nethanim who founded Great Britain by conquering the Grea, and later would confront Medea and Thor and overcome them.

Beowulf the Less- The Nethanim who blew the Fifth Trumpet, and fought through the fiercest internal wars during Armageddon, son of James the Less.

Joash – One of David’s Mighty Men credited for calling on Prestor John to aid in the war against Christiandom.

Prestor John – The king of the Protestant Kingdoms.

Paul – One of the Twelve Apostles.

Solomon – The wisest man who ever lived.

James – King Arthur, and one of the Twelve Apostles.

Lear – The Danish King who ruled over Britain, and was suzerained by Yehonason.

Mordred – Yehonason, the Black Knight and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Elora – The wife of Brittos.

Robin Hood – Jeremiah, and the one who freed England from the clutches of Mordred and Arthur, when he was demon possessed.

Sung Wukong – A warrior who used moegic for his power, and lost to Thor in mortal combat.

Siddhartha – A Baalim who created Buddhism.

Muhammad – A Baalim who created Muhammadanism.

Zelek – David’s Mighty man who was an Ammonite, of the nation who were the sworn enemies of Israel. He killed his former king Ammon Ra in battle.

Tavid – A mighty man who fought alongside Zelek when they went to battle with Nebo and Ammon Ra.

Albion’s Queen – The type of earthly authorities and legitimate governments, given to protect animals, nature and humans from the Thirteen Kings.

Broom Crown New – Me, the Nethanim of these stories.



Just Some of the Creatures Found in Fairyland


Blodtudor – A vampire, and duke, who attained immortality by making a deal with the devil that if he consumed the blood of the innocent, he’d be forever young.

Stonebat – A gargoyle, who is immortal so long as he is not stone, and transforms into a creature when night falls.

The Fairy Lord – Also known as the Caerbanog, the Fairy Witch, a creature with power over visions and what men consume on their idols. It is under the control of Medea.

Astille – A Gorgon the size of a mountain, with a centipede body, slain by Beowulf.

Olgid – The General of the final war of Armageddon. He is a symbol for Cruelty.

Daethon – The Captain of the final war of Armageddon. He is a symbol for Worldlust and Sloth.

The Wyrm – A Dragon who hordes gold.

Natahunt – The Hydra of the Slough of Despond.

The Orc – A sea monster; not to be confused with Leviathan.

Leviathan – The Grave, or She’ol, or the Sea, or Davy Jone’s Locker, or Atlantis, or the “Blessed” Isle, or Fairyland; the one whose belly consumes the dead and drives sinners who are perishing insane, to cause them to covet death.


Notable Relics:


Hrotheon – Beowulf’s Sword, which he forged with his own wisdom.

Silver Sting – A mythical sword of silver wielded by several saints, forged with a piece of the book of St. Jude being mulled over while being forged.

Excalibur – The sword of King Arthur, the strongest sword in the world.

Deathrain – The sword wielded by Voggleswyrd.

Brittos’ Shield – A mythical shield given to Brittos from heaven, that when broken, will come back later on in combat when he needs it.

Shields – Represent the Shield of Faith in the Armor description Paul used in Ephesians.

The Whalebone Spear – Brittos’ spear, typed after the weapon of choice of David’s Mighty men.

The Fruit of Life – A fruit that when eaten, will give the consumer immortality. It is fiercely negative, because it implies you will live forever on the earth, and men are not supposed to, otherwise they go insane and reap destruction.

Ogcragnock – Excalibur’s mortal enemy.

Skildbladnir – Or the Skidbladnir, it is the flagship of the Elves’ fleet.

The Snail Jewel – An alien technology used to transform people into other objects.


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