Do Not Fear the Assyrian

Though the Assyrian smite me,

Let Israel now say,

Though the Assyrian smite me with the rod

I shall not fear.

I shall not fear,

For he shall be destroyed.


Who is this that smites Israel with the rod

Yet does not know?

There is no knowledge in him

For he is altogether worthless.

Let Israel now say,

“The LORD, He is on my side.

“Though the Assyrian smite me

“I shall not fear.

“For who is he to boast against the LORD’s anointed?

“For such small sins does the LORD’s enemies

“Smite Israel. Does the Assyrian not boast

“And make great war?

“Murder, pillage,

“Rape, steal?

“For the small sins of Israel

“Of impropriety,

“He harasses us all the day long.

“For what injury against you

“Oh Assyrian

“Do you strike the people of Israel?

“Is it because we refused you?

“Is it because we neither looked to you for help

“But regarded you, or Assyrian, as a menstrous cloth?

“For your help is ruin to Israel

“Therefore we shall trust on the LORD.

“For you are the filthy rag of a woman

“To Israel, and therefore

“For doing what was good

“We have been struck.

“We shall not fear,

“Oh let Israel now say,

“We shall not fear, though the Assyrian make great boast against us.

“Who can tell the deep things pitted against us?

“Shall we find them?

“Shall we strike open the deep

“And lay open the chests and vaults?

“Are you not so convoluted

“That not even you know what is true?

“Foolish rod, do not boast against the one who wields you.

“For you are a rod of correction to the rebellious sons,

“So therefore, those of us who have rebelled

“We will be set free, for we have turned our joy into mourning

“And we have set our hearts like flint

“For the LORD, and we have given ourselves unto daily prayers

“And fasts from our sin.

“Therefore, for whatever charge you bring against us

“The LORD shall repay you double for all your sins.

“For what sin of Israel’s do you lay open your mouths?

“Is it not for his meekness?

“Is it not for his shame?

“Had you not laid bare his shame before all the sons of men?

“Therefore, what is this that you accuse Israel of sin

“When you are the one who should be laid bare?

“Captivity will not arise a second time.”

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