“I Am Not a Thief” Says Every Thief

There was once a man

Who was really good at what he does.

He could do anything he wanted with it.

He spent all of his waking hours thinking of ways to craft

In his skill.


He went to his God and only his God

To get the patterns.


But, there came upon him a strange traveler one day.

He said to this craftsman, “I am not a thief”, so

The craftsman being really shy and wanting a friend

said, “Ok, I believe you.”

So, he opened up his store.

The skilled craftsman offered to teach the man his skill

Which was carpentry.

He would teach him all of the techniques.

He would be happy to pass down his mastery.


Yet, the man was not satisfied with this.

He did not care to learn carpentry.

Rather, he spied a few choice furnishings.

These, the Carpenter left aside for the poor

To give them a nice furnishing.

But, they were the choicest furnishings in a home.

So, the thief, having the key to the vault

Went into the storeroom and stole the furnishings.

The craftsman came in, having so many furnishings,

He did not see it.

But, soon his lobby began to be emptied.

But it was so slow, that he never could realize it.


Finally, he saw that the poor needed something.

He looked for his choicest furnishings,

And could not find them.

Thus, he became very afraid.

He searched all over his house for them.

He could not find them.

He sat with his hands on his face

And wept.


“What happened to my choicest furnishings?

“The ones with no nails, made of the choicest

“Ebonies and Mahoganies,

“My Chess table

“With its squares fitted without glue

And they would not move!

“And my Rocking Chair?

“This Rocking chair was

“Sculpted out of a redwood’s trunk

“And the larger pieces I cut from it

“I sculpted into lamps

“And pieces for my chess board!

“Which no longer I can find!”


The man wept;

And when his friend walked in

He looked and thought to himself,

“I am not a thief.

“He let me see all of his furnishings.

“He invited me into his home.

“He gave me a key to his house.

“I am now rich.

“But, there are still more great pieces

“Which I can steal.”

Yet, oh thief, remember when the Carpenter

Said he would teach you his craft?

Why, if you were so poor,

Did you not become his apprentice?


This is what a thief says.

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