God Found in History


Thirteen o Two, the Pope declared:

“Peace! Peace! Bring all ecclesiastical authority

“The authority of Christendom

“Over to me! So the troops do nare

“Fight, and wars spread!

“So the great plagues do not sweep

“Through your nations!

“So great suffering does not endure for a century!

“So famines do not wreak havoc on your lands!”


This Martyr was captured and tortured.

Thus, my friends, why there was the black death.

Thus, my friends, was the Hundreds Year War.

Thus, my friends, was the Schism.


Do not put to death your holy men

For they speak peace.

After they die,

The nations do suffer

From Asia even over yon to Europe.


Fifteen Eighteen, yonder the wars

The Pope indulged peoples to sins.

Thus, righteous Israel separated

From Unrighteous Rehoboam;

Thus, great martyrs were made.

Thus, great wars were to be had.

Thus great pogroms spurned the nations.

Do not indulge in sins

Otherwise great harm is done

And many peoples die.


1518 Cortez set sail to find new lands

For the Spanish lords.

Find he did, men who practiced rape

Cannibalism, Human Sacrifice;

Murder was legal,

Food was your very kin;

Wars were games

Where the captors were then to be supped

On at table.


Cortez found them,

And conquered them

With miracles of battle.

Plagues swept through,

Destroying cities

Destroying camps

Yet righteous natives it did not harm.

500 men fought of 100,000

And won.

Galleons were carried over mountains

To war.

And when there was sin in the ranks

The enemies did prosper.


1920s men turned away from God.

Men reveled in their sciences.

Men called men animals;

Men turned and called their fellow man inferior.

Men abandoned their God.

So came the great Dust Bowl.

So came the great famine.

So came a war so notorious

It killed millions of innocents.

So came pogrom after pogrom.

All for abandoning God…


What will happen today?

Atheism spreads like cancer.

Men walk with gleeful pride

Of their sinful acts

Boasting in their sin

Boldfaced like a harlot

Who just got paid to whore.


Consider wisely.

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