Everything Wrong With the Modern Age Summed up in One video


So, I was looking through this

And it seemed alright at first.

Then there were some things said.


First off… it’s just wrong.

Love is not a mechanism for pleasure.

It is a mechanism for survival.

Survival of the species.

Survival of your own children.

Survival of yourself, because it helps you become financially stable.


It says some things that are just wrong.

“Don’t be jealous.” We often forget just how important our spouse is.

Our very survival depends on them.

Our very life depends on them.

When you enter into a marriage contract

You are surrendering your autonomy

And your own self ownership.

You are now giving someone else

A piece of your own life.


To call it abusive to want to be with your partner

Shows a lack of understanding what abuse is.

This behavior occurs when the other partner is narcissistic

And abusive themselves.

The other fact is, of course, introversion.

Some people are comfortable around less people

And they cling to someone as a safety net.

They need this safety net

Because it is as cohesive a bond as a mother

Brother or sister or father.

To dissolve that bond

Or to inhibit it from being created

Is what the problem is in American culture.

Nobody can create solid

Cohesive family units

Because we surrender our communal nature

For independence.


This is why I scratch my head.

As the physicists say,

“It’s not even wrong.”

This is talking about addition

When the topic is not even about math.

This is talking about chemistry

When you’re trying to have a conversation about religion.


It’s so out of the norm for me

To understand that, yes, there are people who are abusive.

But, abuse, in my experience, is two ways.

There is no innocent party in a relationship

Most of the times.

Unless there is some kind of physical altrication

Emotional abuse

Is occurring from both parties,

Not just one.

And the reason for this is because

The fidelity of trust has been dissolved.

And when you are married,

That is locked into a lifetime contract with someone

It is imperative

For your kid’s sake

Your sake

Your other family member’s sake

That you fix it

Any way you can.

That might mean getting religion.

That might mean stop drinking alcohol.

That might mean quitting your job.

That might mean spending a lot of time with someone.


Families and relationships should occupy most of our time

As human beings. Not work. Not play. Not anything else.

Romantic relationships are far more important than even children.

And the reason why is because the romance

Is what creates the happy environment for the children.

When you sidestep this very real thing;—

When there is emotional neglect on the half of one party

Or smothering on the other—

They usually work in tandem—

This, if the parties are married

Must be overcome.

And usually, the one in the relationship who seems needy

They are the one who ought to be appeased.

Because they are usually the more emotionally mature person

In the relationship.

Because selfishness is a trait of emotional immaturity.

And pandering to it, when someone feels the need to smother

They recognize the availability of their partner

To others, and the risk of losing them

Because it exists.


Of course, there are examples where smothering is wrong.

And of course there are exceptions to every rule.

But my experience is that “Emotional Abuse” is two ways.

It’s a give and take, as much as the good is.

Which is why you can’t say one partner is bad

And the other is good.

It’s six to twelve, half a dozen the other.

Normally it means one partner is invested,

And the other isn’t.

And when this occurs, it’s evidence of that

One partner is less interested.

In dating relationships, it is probably best that

The relationship end.

In marriage, it’s important that the selfish partner

Comes closer to the one in need.

And that needy partner does not leave

Because they need…

Communication often will happen

When you’re at your wit’s end.

The time you are ready to give up

On a relationship

That might just be the day

That your relationship can be healed

If you’re married.

And relationships are work.

All things in life worth attaining are.

And if we don’t realize this

It’s going to continue this cycle we’ve seen

Of divorce and unhappy families.

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