Examples of Cultural Corruption


Harsh truths that indicate cultural decline.

If you paid 80,000 dollars

Just to make 45,000 dollars a year,

You shouldn’t have to pay more just to keep that job.


If your problems

Don’t mean a thing,

Then this is the problem.

Because empathy is the most important part

Of human relationships,




If this is a real thing,

People should be in business for themselves.

Especially when businesses hire

One person to do two people’s jobs.


Don’t know what to say here.


Body Positivity is just letting yourself

Get fat.

If you naturally are fat,

There’s nothing wrong with this.

Some people are just fat.

It’s actually more healthy for them.


Appearance shouldn’t matter.

And the cold hard fact that it does,

Is a reason there are problems in our society.

Some people are just poor.

They can’t afford nice clothes.

They can’t afford nice watches.

They are required to have these in order to eat?

Sounds pretty suspicious to me.


Yeah, friends shouldn’t flake.

But real friends

Will still be your friend

Even if you flake.

Some people are just flakes.

And you need to just treat them better.

Sounds like a nation of superficial relationships.


No one will

Appreciate your sacrifices?


nuff said.

It’s called decadence.

It’s called egocentricity.

It’s called corruption
At the individual level.

It’s not Governments’ fault this exists.




Conspiracy theorists,

Here’s your sign.


You are defined by your own personal choices.

But if you’ve made amends for them,

There should be a way to overcome them.

“If your partner takes you for granted,

It’s because you left them.”

If a thief stole every last cent you earned,

It’s because you left them.

Morally defined,

Make sure you strap a good gun to your belt,

And have good aim

If you ever want this kind of thing to continue.

Just give up everything! for a good life somewhere else

Without the people you’ve grown up with.


It’s true that there is always someone better than you.


I don’t want to be the center of the Universe.

Maybe that’s my biggest problem.

And the rest of these so called “Harsh Truths”

Are the answer for the rest of this.

Quality ends up at your desk,

It takes you 3 months to reply…

You probably have too much of a work load.

Put that poor writer to work doing

The half of it you should have.


They used to call this

“Time and a Half”

Back when workers had rights.

LOL! And workers who show up

Every day

Need to be respected and honored.

It’s a fact…

A happy workforce,

Means a happy customer,

Which means a good product sale.


Actually, relationships


The whole key to happiness.

You just have to define it.

Or, you can be like

The flakes flaking on flakes, who flaked because you flaked, but you never really

Had any friends but just

Snowflakes flaking to flake.

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