Why I Love The United States

Here is why I love the United States.

I can listen to any song I want to.

I can write any book I’d like.

I can think, and therefore create.

I can say what I want,

And if I figure something out

I’m allowed to say it

Believe it, think it

Even practice it as my religion

So long as I’m not hindering other people’s welfare.


I am allowed to jump into the local creek

And swim.

It is clean.

I can build a fire right on the edge of said creek

And cook marshmallows if I wanted to.

I can get on a raft, and ride it for miles

Without anyone saying I can’t.

I can go camp in the mountains

If I wanted to

And nobody would be able to charge me a dime.


I have the ability to work

And eat from what I earned.

I have the ability to write any subversive message I want

Without fear of Government.

I can call Trump a bad man

Or Obama

Or Hillary.

I can even criticize other governments

Other world leaders.


I have no fear of government troops

Knocking down my door.

I have no fear,

Even though the CIA might investigate me

There ain’t a damned thing they can do to me

Because I’m a US Citizen

And haven’t broken any laws,

Haven’t committed any Espionage

Unless YouTube were illegal.

I can know about the government’s dirty little secrets

Because of reporters

Who are free to report on whatever is out there.

I am free to watch them, seek them out.

I can even seek out news agencies called “Russia Television”

Or “Info Wars” and they are free to exist

And do whatever insane thing they want to

Say whatever sane thing they want to.

And watch them without any fear of being oppressed by my government.


I can believe any conspiracy theory I want.

I can even say anything I want about the government

Good or bad.

I can speculate on my government’s dealings

I can criticize it

And there ain’t a thing the government can do.


And, what’s more,

These freedoms are not being hampered by my government.

They are being hampered by the very citizens it protects.




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