It’s All in the Heart

Yeerk = Demon Possession.

Baal Vision = Yeerk.


We have a pandemic of Demon Possession.

It’s all in the heart.


To cure the demon,

Cease from your sin.

Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh.


Jesus Christ is the LORD.


I came to Animorphs the other day

And saw them in there.

I forgot about the book.

We need to understand there

Are no such things as aliens.

There are no such things

As Yeerks.

But there are such things as demons

And right now we have a society encumbered by possessed individuals.


Whatever your sin is,

You have to beat it.

You have to be stronger than it.

Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh.


When Aliens come to earth

You have to be especially careful not to call them extraterrestrials.

They are simply demons.

Like those little floating things you catch on Pokemon Go

That’s all they are.

And everyone shares a hallucination

Because of sin.


Cease from considering the knowledge of our times.

It is all chaff.

The LORD is Jesus Christ.

God is good.


I will be proven right.

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