The Tragedy of Pekah Avram

There once was an old Jew

Who thought he was a woman.

He dressed up in clothes of a woman

Made a mighty fine one at that…

Though, he was confused because he was a man

But thought he was a woman.


He wrote the book of the Gatekeeper

And a Jewish prophet found his curses.

He, this old Gatekeeper

Was meant to allow certain men

To have access to their meat

For he, with the access to times

Could open the doors for them.

He, quite foolishly,

Did many unworthy things.

He turned himself into quite a nasty fellow.


So, the prophet finding his curses

Said, “I see you speak of me

“And my grandmother

“And I feel your curse every night around eight.

“How you pray your curses,

“And your songs are your religion.”


Yet, he did not know it was Hezekiah

He trapped. Hezekiah,

So the foolhearted Pekah,

Who hated Jews and held them captive

Said, “I shall enter into even greater curses”

It does sound true, doesn’t it Avram;

That you thought, “He calls himself Judah

“I shall make myself The Northern King.”

That is Babylon’s king.


O’ but my name is now Israel

Because you get to call yourself “Babylon.”

You trick, I trick, I am no longer Judah

Because you are no longer Assyria.

Jacob is a trickster

Jacob is a trickster



It all fell down!

On your head.


Thus, the crest of the northern king was on your car

O Avram Ephraim, Pekah King of Israel

With the Six Hundred and Sixty-Six talents of Solomon’s Gold.


Thus, I speak no curse on you.

Rather I bless you.

Your poetry is amusing.

I should have thought Israel was a safe King

But you are not…



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