Why I Believe in God

A friend of mine recently said to me,

“What if heaven is so terrible,

“That you wouldn’t possibly want to go there?”

I thought of my poem describing my idea of what heaven is.

I thought to myself, “Me, in my paltry understanding,

“Can create this place.

“But why did God create the earth?

“It seems so bad.”

I then consider how much I want.

Love. Sex. Good, pleasurable food. Family. Raising a family.

Enjoyment from work.

I look at this earth, and I am impressed by how

Heavenly it could be, if everyone behaved in a decent way.

I then look around, and I see people cause most of the suffering.

I think, “Why wouldn’t God come right now and stop all of this?”

Then I think of my future wife, how we’ll have sex

Marry, have children, cook five star dishes,

An enjoy. I look at what prevents me.

Human corruption.

So, I again ask, “Why doesn’t God stop this suffering?”

Then I think of my future lover’s gentle loves

Eating and working to provide for my family.

Then I wonder why I suffer. It is men.

“Why doesn’t God stop all of this right now?”

Again, I think of the nudity of my future spouse,

The fusing of our genes into human beings

By the most delicious of God’s creation here on the earth.

How I can work, feed them, eat from that work.

Why is there suffering?

Because people are unsatisfied with this.

I’m not, but I see everyone trying to prevent

Everyone else from obtaining this dream.

“Why doesn’t God come right now?”

Because there is a chance I can make love

Feel the pleasure of a family.


Round and round this cycle goes

Until I die, and if I have not reached this goal,

I say, “What was my life worth?”

And then God takes me to a paradise

That if it is better than this earth,

I think of the paradise of this earth

And how paradisaical it is.

That’s why I believe in God

Because there is so much good here.

And I know heaven will be great

Because this is the flawed of God’s creation…

It’s flawed because of us.

In heaven, there will be no more of “Us”

And our sin. Which means we’ll have pleasures uncountable.

Because a life with no meaning steals from all men

This meaning I have found…

Men cannot reach the meaning without God.

That is good enough for me to believe in Him.

Because I know without it, men will only have reason to make other men suffer.

With a meaning, we’ll have every reason to make men suffer less

And knowing that men do suffer, and that this earth is filled

With such sublime pleasures,

I know there is a God, and I know heaven will be greater.

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