The Muse of the Arabica

Scrolling through the poems

O’ the poems,

The muse of the Arabica—

Yet, how many the Robusta—

Is the laurel champion of the

Mind’s strongest conjurings.


Like some kind of spell

We poets weave the strong drink

To bless it like Dionysus,

The drunken wine of the gods;

Foul Cretans they are to juice our minds

With the spirits of the age…


O’ Arabica, thou muse…

Robusta! None sing of thy tart fame.

The elixir of the Pagan rights

To bless the bounty of the cup

Rather than the bounty of the provision

Of Jehovah-Jyra

For the muse and the laurel

Of the day.


The strong drink

Which drives the prophets mad

And the minstrels sing their songs of you…

O gods, goddesses,

Lamenting like the Titans

Lamenting like thee O’ devils

Whom Paradise lost,

The war of the gods overthrowing the Titans

Is an ancient story… ancient


Of the regimes of one set of kings

Who overthrew another.

These manipulators,

These men who suck the venom

Of the Asp of Dionysus’

Cup, of the venom of the strong elixir

Which men praise’th

The God of Drunkenness.


Foul the beasts by which the depths of dawn’s

Chariot’s—this is no allusion, but the image has been born before I know—

Strike to the root of thy coffers

Which ingrained within is the strong drink

Which drives the whole earth mad.

For if we just praise it…

All know it is the source of our stories.

Yet… the Titans, and soon to be the gods

Will be bound in the chains of misery…

O, Saturn, Prometheus, Hyperion,

O Jove, Venus, and Hades…

Soon thy reign shall end—

And the true thunder of the God

The one who roars from the clouds of heaven

Like a Lion, in the storm which lit the sky like day does reign

And is goodly, the Spirits of which we should be drunk—

Those false gods shall be bound in those chains

Which you sought to place those whom thou ruled.

For one, I say one, has driven away the demon.

In moderation, the strength by habit causes no harm,

Yet in excess—which our story is about—

The strong drinks drives the prophets mad.

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