Why I Love India

A billion people in the world

I knew nothing about it.

Until I realized it was pretty important.


I see you where we were in the 1920s.

Ready to burgeon, and bring your people food.

Ready to bring your people houses.



A poem I read spoke eagerly about maybe this being the year

That India will have its stand in the market.

A drought I read about, was bad.

Yet, freely you have the press…

You have your free internet.

You have your freedoms to read just about every poem I’ve ever written.

Gladly, I want you to have my style home…

I want you to have rain,

And cornfields, and cotton fields

And peach trees, and vineyards.

I want your poor to be fed.

I want your people to not live in sheds.

I want them to have nice sized homes.

It’s a lie that you can’t… it really is.

There’s plenty of land, and there’s plenty of air

To give you all nice homes.

Communism won’t do it…

Capitalism might.

But… You’ll have to patronize artists.

You’ll have to patronize hard work.

If you want my type of house…

If you want my privileges—

And I’m privileged, along with all of America—

You have to take your freedom of speech

And speak out with every ounce of who you are.

You have to understand, in my society it is not unjust.

But injustice exists.

Your country, injustice exists, much worse than in mine.

But… I want you to eat.

I want you to have vineyards, and shelters.

But you have to speak out.

You have to participate in your government.

You have to, like me, talk your lips off…

You have to make a lot of wrong predictions

Before you can start getting them right…

You have to frustrate entire countries.


I fight for you,

For China,

For Russia,

For America,

For Brazil,

And all of Africa

Asia, Europe…

Because I have a good life.

And I can’t believe that you don’t.

But, if I’m leveled into poverty

After a significant amount of effort and hard work…

What does that say for you?

You may not hate me…

You may actually like me…

But I want all of you to eat

And even be Christian…

Yes, because I know your religion frustrates you…

But you know as well as I do that there is a spiritual truth.

Why not just bow to one God?

Instead of many?

Why not bow down to Christ?

I have a notion to believe

That’s why my society prospered,

And as we run away from that fairness

And equity of hard work ethics

And food is plentiful…

Jesus brings rain.

I’ve prayed for it several dozen times

Silently, so nobody would hear.

Precisely what I pray happened.

I have no explanation for it.

The mantel of my religion

And my society’s success

Rests on you… here it’s slipping away.

Where you are, I can see it happening.

Remember that Israel, our nation

Did a lot of hard work to make a desert green.

But, rains testify one last thing

That for them to come, there must be a blessing.

Here, there will probably be forests that turn to deserts.

The opposite is true. A desert can turn into a forest.

I can testify, that if it’s not the case

Than the rains that I’ve prayed for

Must not have shed upon the emerald grass.


I don’t want to come off pretentious.

I truly just want to bring Christianity

Rain, food…

And I can’t. You can’t.

Only Christ can.

And He will if you accept Him.

That’s a promise.

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