A Father’s Wisdom

O, my books were Corban.

But my dad had needed them

So I could leave him with the peace

That his son would be fed.


So Christ said, “Do not make things Corban.”

For the alter is what makes sacred, not the gift,

And the alter is to absolve from sins.


Fire works explode the moment I realize

I must do this…

I must keep my blog…

I must advertise…

Know this is what he told me to do

In order to give him rest

That when he is gone,

I will not be poor and an outcast.


O, how many times did I want to give up on this blog.

How many times I wanted to give up on my dream.

But, a father’s wisdom, is that he wants his sons to succeed.

So, I listen to him, who finally has bestowed a blessing

On this meek talent of mine,

Which he said to me, “Do not be the one who buries it in the sand.”

So, please, I hope you understand

That many promises I’ve made,

I cannot keep.

I have to eat.


If you like what you read

Please purchase my books,

So I can eat, and be happy,

And I wish the same for you.

Thank you.

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