Imps, Ghouls and Goblins; What They Mean

I think I’ve finally gotten fairyland

Out of my head.

Just demonic things…

Have to show why a vampire is evil…

Or a dragon…

I guess.


Funny thing is that the one poem I wrote

Is so effective at preserving my faith

So effective at teaching me…

I think there’s some good to it.

Really… people think of Christianity as Fairy Tales

But eerily, my poems make the Fairy Tales real.

Which is why I’m a little concerned about them…

I don’t want my audiences believing in Jontunheim

Or that I’m really Judas Son of James.

I also don’t want my audience believing I wrote a gospel.

As, I find that manipulative…


But… John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Is so good at describing theology.

Mine, much in the same tradition as it

Is really dealing with dreams.

I suppose rather than there being actual, physical beings

The dancing skeletons exist somewhere in our minds;

Maybe where the “Skeletons in our closet,”

Line comes from.

Though, I’ve never written about dancing skeletons.


Sometimes, a subconscious cue…

A factual inaccuracy

Can be more real pertaining the truth

Of what we want to say.

We call it a literary device.

They sometimes offend an audience

Who wants the easy explanation…


Reading wise, there’s a device called the “Vertical Axis”

A wonderful little tool by the Postmodernists—

You will hear me praise them as much as I scorn them—

That removes something that you don’t understand

From the text, so you don’t have to labor over it.

It might… by all accounts…

Come to mind later.


Frankly, though, I was always taught to use “Context Clues.”

That was my big ta-da in reading class…

And using context clues I learned how society will punish you for using context clues.

So I don’t know what a word actually means

I context clued to make it mean what I thought it meant

And was later made fun of by grammarian snobs.

We called that critical thinking at a time…

It produced philosophers

But not deck swabs.

So, the reason why our education system is revamped

To produce serfs instead of kings.

Serfs who no longer use context clues

Nor ignore a difficult trope

But rather must laboriously tire over it

Until the meaning is divined.

They come… with practice.

Sometimes it’s best to just ignore something the fifth or sixth time through.

Sooner or later

A comprehensive education will unearth the fact

And it will make whatever I seem to be writing

More enjoyable for my audiences.

I know I love that in other poems…

When I realize an allusion relates to Photo-Synthesis

How unrelated it is, but the allusion is still one

I can dive into for about an hour.


That’s Fairyland, though, what it essentially is for.

Rather than

Let’s not get caught up in the flesh of the poems

Let’s dive deep into the metaphors

To kind of understand why the poems

Kind of reflect some kind of grand conspiracy theory

That almost compulsively wants to be believed.

If the metaphor is found,

The Thirteen Kings

My villains,

Are understood in their proper context,

We see they are rather sins, or Satans incarnate

In us… which we must remove by Christ’s power.

What is God’s power?

The reason to know that there is spiritual power

In trying to act more kind and benevolent.

Because it’s important that we understand that is what the Gospel meant

By power.


Not the power to raise the dead

But the power to make a person feel good about themselves.

Which, in all circumstances, makes life a lot easier

Without a burdened conscience always complaining about others

When you’re the real villain.

In Fairyland, the reader finds themselves to be the villain.

As, that’s what Wicked John or Abaddon really is

Is just you, me, anyone who has an uncontrolled urge

That leads them into the dark depths of sin

And suffering.


Because Hell and Fairyland

Start on earth…

That is my process with Fairyland is getting the hell

The delusion of hell

Out of my head—which I had subconsciously wrote as hell—

So that we can see



I want it to be clear

That a Unicorn is a goal that can’t be obtained.

That a Pegasus is a token that will always prosper

But it will be your ruin.

A Vampire is someone who will always try to be in vogue with Status Quo—

Status Quo is who I call Belial…

A Dragon is a hoarder of wealth

A Giant is an uncontrollable urge or sin,

A Werewolf is anger,

A Hydra is a beast of lies and the one truth that is meant to ruin you,

A Mermaid and Elf are people who lust for the good life

Even to the point of distorting their relationships,

A fairy is an iPhone or Android; an idol, a false reality,

Meant to be more real, and satisfy our boredom:—

Wicked John is our flesh,

Abaddon is our flagrant, unconscious sins,

Medea is the Media,

Thor is our lust for absolute control and power,

Lucifer, he is when we have obtained the goal

Of absolute control and power.


So many other things lurk in there…

Geists, which often embody the Archetypes instilled in us from entertainment,

Fairy lORD, the creature, almost living,

Which feeds us with Geists and Giant Souls,

Somodivas and Nymphs, which are women

Who will utterly forsake family and friend

Simply because they can… they even think they ought.

The Red Bull, who is the path of life we didn’t choose

And there he is, with all his glory.

Here we are, with all our shame.

Helen of Troy, and her infamous beauty, which is distracting

And tries to throw us off the good path.


So many…

And often we find ourselves becoming one or the other of these.

Either a low level minion

Or the very devils themselves.

The Bull frustrating us,

Of what we could have been

If we had just made the wrong decision

And sold out.

Or the Valkyrie and Harpy,

The pride and patriotism

Which blinds us from what is right from wrong

To puts us in contention with those so much like ourselves

But are only different because they have spotted wings.


That is my process in Fairyland.

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