The Feats of Brittos

Aught known, Brittos’ feats

He killed Athena.

To approximate:

Athena knows all which is possible for man.

Athena also commanded the souls of

Dead Giants,

Which she could then control

Anyone—even the innocent—whom she pleased to place those cold souls into.


Brittos shaved Thor’s beard,

Thor who wore nine realms in his ring

Who slaughtered Sun Wukong

Who while fighting,

Destroyed the entire nine realms of Thor.

Brittos beat the knave with, with knife and shield.


Brittos slew an entire army

With the jawbone he ripped

From out an opponent.


Brittos killed an entire city of Valkyries

When he killed their king;

One Valkyrie was enough to give grave fight

In Gladiatorial pits.


Brittos killed an army of cyborgs

When he threw a magnet which weighted thirty tons.

Brittos also fought the Elf Priestess

With spear and shield.

She wielded a Bow,

Its arrows lightning.


Brittos won his fight against the Grea

Which commanded the sea,

To also summon the Chok

Which did manipulate

The very verse of the Odes of Brittos.

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