My gift to reason

Is this…


I don’t know what a Motto is

Nor did I study pool-table history

To find that some pool-tables have green felt

Because it was originally a lawn game.

It would have been my second choice,



But, considering I’ve seen tables

With red, blue, teal

And my old pool table had green felt,

I can safely assume

That the color is neutral, and there,


To keep from distracting from the balls.


A lawyer is smart,

And is good at memorizing things.

A Counter Intelligence Agent

Is good at knowing that Green Eggs and Ham

Started out as a bet.

Rather, though,

A person who’s truly smart

Knows that Green Eggs and Ham

Is developed to cater to a Child’s imagination

So that they imprint an otherwise invisible story

That only the child can understand,

And perhaps the child psychologist who developed it for that reason.


Then, someone who sees sociopaths are becoming more frequent—

I think it’s 1 in every 100 now, or maybe even 50—

Knows that there must be something to that fact about Green Eggs and Ham

That when I read it, I see that the child’s mind will imprint a story;

What about the adult mind, consuming our modern stories?


Violence is rampant in a violent culture.

A culture without violence

Is one not exposed to violence.

Rather… you only know what you’ve seen.

For the life of me I couldn’t imagine,

Or really even picture

What a penis going into a vagina really looked like

Until I saw it on my first pornography video.

As crude as that may sound.


I can say something a thousand times…

It’s still an enigma until I see it.

I can describe an arm being blown off

In a war scene.

But it’s still an enigma what it looks like

Unless I’ve seen it in a movie.

Then I have a visual aid.

I can say that someone’s guts were hanging out…

That they were being dragged along

In a scene of my book…

But unless I’ve watched Black Hawk Down

Or Saving Private Ryan

I don’t know what it looks like.


Contrary, I can communicate the feeling

Of going to war by having experienced it in art…

That right fine.

I cannot put a visual in someone’s mind

Unless it’s been seen.


What is unseen, is the images and constructs

We’ve wired into an entire population of 300,000,000 people.

How, they automatically have an understanding of some arcane

Demon, which all men, women and children now know as it passes through our modern archetype.


I diagnose this…

But I cannot cure it.

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