Two Worlds Clash

A woman makes a kerosene lamp

And pops popcorn in a Pepsi can.

Two women replicate the task,

And don’t understand kerosene is dangerous.

Unfortunately, it claims a life.


In my back yard, fifty caliber rifles

Semi Automatic rifles, pistols

All echo down the valleys

From the local gun ranges.

I feel perfectly safe, though I hear them.


In fifty percent of the nation’s back yard

The same thing happens

But bodies end up being wheeled out

Of the local urban blocks.

They feel threatened because they hear them.


My friend makes napalm

Rides with one fist wrapped around a tractor

And a foot loosely straddled to the only sliver

Wide enough to get a foothold.

He blows up groundhog nests with the napalm.


A city dweller thinks a groundhog looks

Like a bunny rabbit,

Grows attached to it

And then hears this story and is disgusted.


I sit for ten hours scraping meat off of a butchered cow.

Hours earlier, the owner was chest deep in its guts.

We sit, and pleasantly discuss life plans

And enjoy the day; it’s a pleasant afternoon.


Another person has never seen something die…

Except maybe a roach or ant…

And then gets offended at the mere thought.

Nor can he imagine the fat littered around the grass

Looks a lot like white rubber.


A baby Inuit plays with a knife at three months old.

A conservative farm boy shoots a .22 caliber rifle

At seven. He also goes four wheeling and dirt biking

And swings on a rope that hangs over his dad’s wood shed.


Civilized society can’t even hold a sharp knife until they are ten;

Are strapped in a car seat until they are about a grown adult

Don’t understand that fire can burn;

And don’t understand that knives are sharp.


These two worlds are clashing right now.

They are our Republican and Democrat respectively.

And like an Ulcer, the pain gets worse

Right before it heals.

What will heal it

Is to know that when you see more trees than people

It’s different than when you see more people than trees.


I think J.D. taught me this.




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