The Stories that Make U.S.

Jesus’ parables.

Our notion of right and wrong

Stem from Him, and Him alone.

In the West, we, even believing we do not,

Follow His command.

Even in rebellion, our rebellion

Is because of something He said.

Our hatred of Gays our hatred of “Cisgenders”

It comes from Christ’s teachings Who said

“Be Kind.”

Everyone has taken a foothold on that

Christian and Atheist alike.

Only Christians seem to satisfy it

And behave the way Christ taught…

Much to the Atheist’s despair.


Goethe, of course.

All of our conspiracy theories,

All of our fascination with the Occult…

Hawthorn, Twain and Freemasonry

The idea of selling a soul

To obtain the prize in life.

How we all think about it,

Ruminate on it,

Believe it to be the case

That Satan does, in fact

Steal souls, and that there is no way around it.

All of our celebrities are either gods

Or they are abominations.

They are either objects of ridicule

Baals to be thrown down.

Or they are the very idol we follow…

With regard, the religion of the West

Is to sell out, or sell to naught.


Of course, Milton’s Paradise Lost

Permeates our culture.

The most British thing

Is how we all secretly

Empathize with Satan—

Not me, I use the Royal We,—

Though I am not Royal

I do have to live with everyone else’s mistakes—

How we cannot at all understand

But rather are bemused by wisdom

And will even sympathize with the devil.

Completely missing the crux of the great work

That Satan was a murderer

Whose sole mission is to destroy us

And convince us with wisdom it is moral to do.

But, still, Westerners never read Paradise Lost;

We’re still convinced we can make an argument

To prove God exists… therefore we forget

That God is good, and that’s why we worship Him.

Satan, through persuasion, has made the most foul crimes acceptable.

So when Americans do read Milton, they get persuaded by Beelzebub.

I do know he made most convincing argument.


A fifth is Thus Spake Zarathustra.

We are all preoccupied with power.

With fortune. With our will’s strength

Over all of the opponents’—

Those opponents the very people we know.

Over the psychopathic tendency

To not give a care about

Others, but rather our lives were solely

About exploiting those weaker than us.

Then… on the flip…

I’ve heard Nietzsche called the Philosopher of Joy.

What joy is there in declaring God is dead

When He merely died?

Precisely, the American wants their life here…

In the process they lose it.

They forget Christ made us hope in the afterlife

So our lives here would be filled with less suffering.

As all the atheist did was bash kindhearted theologians

While trying to repress the urge of the conscience.


Afterward it is Grimm Fairy Tales.

Disney… of course. But need I go to the whole principle

Of Grimm Fairy Tales

Which is the power of the will

And the power of choice.

How our entire society is obsessed with choices

And volition…

Much like the Grimms were when writing the tales.

For we are a culture obsessed with choice

With conquering evils with vengeance and force.

Wanting to overthrow and destroy

All evil in the world,

To bring swift rebuke to the criminal

And to live autonomous through the will.

But we forget that the path is chosen

By character—so, we conversely

Pretend like we never believed in Fairy Tales

Because most of us find we are the actual villains in the stories.


And as a sixth,

I have to confess,

Is Harry Potter.

Just the casuistry

Of the populace to believe

Rowling didn’t want her books interpreted.

She didn’t want them taught in schools…

Therefore, Voldemort is not Hitler

Because to our minds Voldemort doesn’t need to be understood.

The defiance of a meaning,

The Postmodern frack fest

That is Harry Potter,

Where the Audience got to make up the story

While Rowling wrote it.

Neither nor really understanding

One another…

For Harry Potter itself is not influential.

Just the casuistry it created.

And it wasn’t the author’s fault.

It was the populace not understanding what they read.

Rather, they defied Rowling to make a point.

But one snuck in there, nonetheless.

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