A Prisoner Stood on the Gallows

A prisoner stood on the gallows.

The rope hung beneath his neck.

Guilty of the crime he committed

Its penalty was a 500 dollar fine;

But the gallows were strung for him.


He began his speech:

“Here is why I’m a bad person.

“I have cursed God in my thoughts.

“I have hurt people I loved.

“I have destroyed things other people loved.

“I have said hurtful and bitter things.

“I have cursed others.

“I have manipulated others.

“I have falsely accused others.

“I have troubled my household.

“I have accused my brother.

“I have hated.

“I have made others sad.


“If I inherit vanity,

“I will completely understand.

“Lay my burdens in the mud

“I do not declare my sin like Sodom.

“It is not a prideful thing to me.

“It, rather, is my vanity.

“I deserve to go to hell

“But I won’t.”


He said this so all of us could understand

Why we need to be forgiven.

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