More Thoughts on Marcy’s Law

I stand by my statement earlier.

That it would hurt the victims.


Now, let me talk about the accused.


If in every trial,

The accused were to have their victims present,

It would be far less likely for justice to be executed.


Everyone takes every affront personally.

Every bad thing done to us

Is a crime much worse

That it possibly is.


This is why justice needs administered

Without the bias.

If someone is truly hurt

They will pursue their rights

Already afforded.


I’m afraid that there is a reason this needs to be addressed

Is that many of us don’t consider ever getting in trouble

Until it actually happens.

Perhaps we had a bag of Cocaine

Perhaps we were driving too fast

And caused a fatal or harmful accident;

Perhaps we were falsely accused

Or were rightly guilty of a crime

Much less severe than society deems it.


We need a fair court proceeding

In the part of both victims and the accused.

The truth is;—and here is the truth;—

We need mercy.


Dostoevsky, as noted to me by a friend

Saw that a man committed a theft

And the preacher set him free.

It set that man on a course for becoming a good man

And rather than throw him in prison

The man was forgiven.


Regardless, there are dangerous people

Who need to be put in prison.

There are dangerous criminals who need to be off the streets.

But, the courts need to be unbiased in finding this out.

This is why we’re afforded rights in the constitution

Because innocence is to be assumed before guilt.

And not everyone who claims to be a victim actually is.


This is very controversial.

I know.

But… I don’t say it without understanding

The damaging effects such a law would present.


First for the victim

Because it would inure the courts to their pleas.

Second to the accused

Because it would ultimately turn the courts into a drama

It never meant to be.


Please understand I see this from both perspectives.

They seem to be contradictory

But certainly, both of these would effectively

Work in tandem

And the one thing that wouldn’t occur is justice.

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