A Letter to Radicals


Those who want to change my country…


Let me enter into this



The Nazis mobilized

all corporate wealth

into a state engine.


Though everyone


living off of stipends,

what’s the difference between a Nazi regime and a Communist one

in principle? Not factoids—


I mean in principle.

I mean, that’s the real issue we’re discussing here.

Morally, Nazis and Communists


about as repugnant as the other.


Just the same as if

Britain’s Monarchical class

wanted to band together

and create a new Feudalistic system[.]

[W]hat makes that system different than Nazis,

or Communists?


The fact remains

that they’re all repugnant

because they deny civil liberties,

and they censor speech,

and they force people into poverty,




they commit atrocious acts.


I’m just being civil about this.

Every government in the world

is different.


America is different than Europe,

which is different than Canada,

which is different than Britain,

which is different than Australia.


But, we can say that the governments I just mentioned are

a tip above



or North Korea.


And to say that Germany or Europe is socialist,

they still operate on Mixed Economies.

Nobody is subsisting off of stipends,

and if they are,

I imagine they are getting poverty stricken as a result—

which, evidence of the riots happening in places like Spain,

that’s probably what’s happening.


So, again, the real test of a civilization is

A: Are the people given equal opportunity to be fed and sheltered by hard—and satisfying, freely chosen—labor?

B: Can the people improve upon their social conditions fairly, and not have to be corrupt?


C: Are they free and uncensored to have bad or good ideas, religions, speech, etc, without physical or material persecution from their government or citizen bodies?


If the answer to any of those is “No”

then you’re dealing with an oppressive regime.

Which, we can

split hairs

all day about whether Socialism is bad[—]

it seems to be because it’s bringing Europe back into fetters;

it’s completely destroyed the regional cultures of most of Southern Europe.


Northern Europe has protected


by distancing itself from the socialism

of the EU.

That’s just what’s happening.

The thriving countries in Europe

are the hard working ones that retained their


The others are faltering,


and severely at that.

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